Back Into The Truck essay example

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There have been many dramatic experiences in my life but one seems to stick out the most. The summer before going into freshman year I was run over by a pick-up truck. This changed my life. The way I thought, felt, and perceived life has changed.

To live through such a life threatening experience opened my mind to a new light forever. This miracle took place in New Hampshire at camp Marist. Camp Marist is the Marist Brothers of the Catholic Church ran a catholic camp. The afternoon started off by packing our bags to leave to go out and camp in the woods. We got to the camp-out and set up all the tents and equipment. Sitting around a campfire we decided to play a game called "man-hunt".

Manhunt is like hide and go seek with a jail. In the mist of the game I sprained my ankle. I had to find a way to get to the jail without getting caught so I decided to crawl up behind the trunk in front of the base. During the game people were hiding in the trunk because it was next to the base. By this point I was directly behind almost under the truck.

I saw a dark figure go into the passenger side door of the truck without slamming the door shut. So thinking it was a camper just hiding or looking for someone I stayed put. All the sudden the engine started and I was scrambling to get out of the way. Just as I start to roll out of the way the back tires crush over my chest.

Every gasp of air exited my body. As the tires pressed my chest I thought of God and my life was ending. Somehow some way my entire body escaped underneath the truck leaving only my arm in the way of the front tires. The truck had stopped dead on my arm. Realizing he had hit someone the driver races out of the car to see me screaming as the truck lay on my arm.

Hoping back into the truck to move it off my arm I considered myself the luckiest kid alive. Worried my chest was internally bleeding I was raced to the hospital. On the way to the hospital on the camp's church I saw the top cross light up as if blessing me to be healthy. I thought of God. I was rushed in for x-rays. Everything was fine and I was perfectly ok.

My belief in God was instantly renewed. After this moment in my life I understood the world differently as if as a gift. I believe the accident was an eye opener and helped me understand my life and myself better. I understood more of what I wanted and that God is there for me.

This helped me as a person and family member. I had more of an appreciation towards my parents and friends. Even being a horrible accident the incident itself served as a positive event in my life.