How to Shoot a Basketball Properly Introduction Attention Getter: "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a Baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her". That timeless phrase coined by Ski-Lo in the early nineties, resonates with so many of us because all of those goals are things that people relate to being successful. And while I can't help you with the first and the last respectively, becoming a "Basket-ball er" is quite feasible, with a little hard work. While the most important parts of being a ball er can be debated for years and years. I believe all would agree that you have to be able to put the ball in the hoop. That is why I have spent most of my life learning how to shoot a basketball properly.

The process is long and requires using muscles all over your body, but with determination and hard work you will become the best shooter you can be. I. In order to shoot well you must use all of your lower body. 1. You will want to start off by keeping your feet about shoulder with apart. 2. Place your shooting hands' foot slightly ahead of the other foot. a. Keeping one foot ahead of the other allows for a better guide for your upper body to follow.

3. Then turn your hips and feet square to the rim or goal. 4. You " ll then want to sit back and press your knees forward. a. Sit back like your sitting in a high stool with a slight bend in the knees so you " re comfortable but "strong". 5.

Also in order not to get injured you should keep lower back "strong" and abs "tight". Transition: While most people wouldn't associate good shoulders and elbows with being a good shooter; all of your upper body is required to be an effective scorer. II. As well as using your lower body, it is also essential to use your upper body in order to maximize the chance to score. 1.

Like your feet you want to keep your shoulders square to the rim. a. This provides a straight line for the ball to travel. 2. Then place the basketball directly above your shooting knee. 3. Have a slight lean over the ball in an "explosion" position. a.

An explosive position is one common in all sports where you are ready to "explode" straight up or out. Transition: As you get closer and closer to actually "shooting" the ball, the form becomes more and more important. The room for error becomes minuscule.. The final part of the shot includes using your hands and fingers to put the ball through the hoop. 1. Your shooting arm should be bent into the shape of an L. 2.

The other arm directly to the side of your shooting arm with a slight bend. 3. The shooting hand should be flat and there should be a small crease between the ball and your palm. 4. The shooting fingers should be spread with your middle finger centered on the ball with your fore finger slightly closer to the middle finger than any other finger. 5.

When you shoot you should extend your shooting arm straight up and "flip" the ball with the fingers creating backspin. a. Backspin is when the laces on the ball spin towards you while the ball is traveling away. b. Backspin allows for a soft hit on the rim, stalling the ball. 6. Finally you will want to follow through on the jump shot and land with your feet balanced. Conclusion: While all of the proper form may seem awkward at first, with a good amount of practice you will start to adapt.

Then it's up to you to figure out your strengths' and weaknesses' and proceed to work out all the kinks until you " re the best shooter you can be. When you think you " ve got it mastered it's time for you to go to the park and show off all of your newly honed skills. And who knows, if you ball hard enough you won't have to worry about calling your girl, because they " ll all be calling you.