Barbara Jordan The book 'Barbara Jordan' is about a politician / humanitarian Barbara Jordan. Barbara Charlie Jordan was born on Febuary 21, 1936. In 1953, Barbara Jordan graduated from Phillis Wheatley High school; from there; she went on to Texas Southern University where she graduated magna cum laude. She then continued her education at Boston University Law School. Afterward she returned to Texas to work for a judge in Harris County. In 1960, she worked for the campaign to nominate John F. Kennedy as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

In 1962, Ms. Jordan ran for Texas House of Representatives where she lost the election. However, she did not lost her determination and she ran again in 1964 for Texas House where she lost again. Nevertheless, that still did not make her give up hope. In 1966, Barbara Jordan was elected to Texas Senate, becoming the states first black senator since 1883.

She authored the state's first successful minimum-wage bill and pushed for civil rights legislation. Ms. Jordan served two terms as a senator. Ms. Jordan then proceeded to set another record becoming the first black woman the head any American State Government as she served as governor for a day. Ms. Jordan then was assigned to the House of Judiciary Committee, where she earned national attention for her articulate speech in favor of impeaching President Richard M. Nixon (1969-1974) during the Watergate affair. She also delivered the keynote address at the 1976 Democratic Convention... In 1979 Ms. Jordan retired from the public life and taught public policy at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 1982, she was awarded the university's Lyndon B. Johnson chair of National Policy. In 1988, Barbara had a second in the nomination of vice-presidential candidate Lloyd Bents en at the Democratic National Convention. While still teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. During the 1992, Democratic Convention, Jordan earned praise for her powerful speech against racism and intolerance among both whites and blacks. In 1996, Barbara Jordan died from a fatal case of pneumonia as a complication of leukemia. During her time, Barbara Jordan served in the Texas State Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

Barbara Jordan delivered a speech in opposition of President Nixon at the Democratic National Convention. Ms. Jordan pushed for equality and minimum-wage. Ms. Jordan made the Watergate scandal more televised. She also pushed for equal rights for black and white Texans and she authored the states first successful minimum wage bill. Without Barbara Jordan Texas would still be segregated and there would be less equality. Minimum wage in Texas would be different in not non-existent.

In my opinion, Ms. Jordan opened doors for black women with her strong voice and fearlessness. Barbara Jordan pushed for legislation that effects every minority child in Texas. Ms. Jordan also helped employers with her minimum wage ideas. Barbara Jordan's accomplishments do not effect my life directly but it does effect my family and I indirectly.