THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We are going to speak of a time you know as Atlantis, a time known as Lemuria and a time known as Ancient Egypt. Know that all that is said is being said in a fable form that you can understand because it is so difficult for you to move into concepts that do not have time and space nor three dimensional form as you know these to be today. As we speak to you of these ancient times, know time and space does not truly exist. In all that we say to you, please think of Atlantis as a state of consciousness. That's what all of your existence truly is.

It is merely points of consciousness that you are choosing to experience. When we speak to you of Atlantis, we will speak to you, first of all of the physical form and then we will speak to you of how Atlantis was governed. We also desire to speak to you of the spiritual, the technological and the scientific nature of Atlantis. All of these have rudiments in your society today. Perhaps you will be able to see this connection as we move through some of your forgotten memories of what seem to you as ancient experiences on this planet. THE FIRST ATLANTEAN S Atlantis began with an extremely small population.

Atlantis was created by population from beings that came to you planet to help your planet. They came to reawaken humanities spirituality. They came to teach of the beauty of life. They came to help humanity understand that life was a beautiful experience that existed not within the framework that they thought it did but outside of time and space. They taught that life could exist in a framework of merely experiencing the expression that they were.

Humanity was struggling with their own existence. There were many warlike communities that battled each other. There was no guidance or leadership. Whoever was the strongest ruled.

However there were many cries that went out for help for the planet and if there was a Divine Being, could and would that Being help them? The answer to their cries for help came from beings who arrived and set up a community to teach humanity their own beauty and power and love. Atlantis started out as a very small community being populated by other beings throughout the galaxy. When the community was set in place, then the beings from the community went out into the villages to tell the people that there was a community they could come to if they chose.

They told humanity that in this community they could find the answers for which they searched. They told them there was plenty of food and housing in Atlantis. They told them they had constructed these beautiful, beautiful buildings in Atlantis called temples. Some of the people chose to migrate into Atlantis. Once they entered into Atlantis they seldom left to go back home.

In the beginning it was a very small trickling that came to this newly constructed place called Atlantis. This continued for many thousands of years in the new wondrous community called Atlantis. As Atlantis grew, the human population began to reawaken to all that they were. Humanity had descended to a very low standard of understanding and intellect.

They were in awe as they entered into this new community. They felt that this was a God-like place and indeed for them it was. A Garden of Eden, if you would. As humanity themselves began to remember their own greatness, those that had come to help humanity began to retract. They would visit to see how humanity was doing but no longer was an intricate part of humanity. Your distant memory of Atlantis is mostly of the time humanity was the populace of Atlantis.

You have nearly forgotten the wonderful beings that came here and set the structure to help you regain the consciousness that you had lost.