Being in high school to me is hell, like being stuck in a box that you can't get out of... and that deeply irritates me. My middle name is Ru Hong, which means big bird of luck which is kind of embarrassing when my friends ask me what it means; sure it's funny but humiliating at the same time. I received that middle name from my grandparents who live in Taiwan who are very old. I've seen them about 4 times in Taiwan. I enjoy going to Taiwan because it's a very different place compared to the U.S., it's a very carefree place in which people don't care about anything, and they just care about themselves which I find very cool. The thing that peeves me off immensely is how people judge you just by how you look and not by what you " ve accomplished or have done in life.

It irritates me because it happens way too often. I've never gotten close to dying before but the closest that I have gotten was when I got off the school bus on the way to my house, I was walking in front of the bus to cross the road and all of a sudden the bus driver honked the horn making me jump, I was lucky the driver did that because if I wouldn't have jumped, I would of walked into a speeding car that would of done a lot of damage. High school is what I thought it would be... just a bunch of kids trying to act like adults, trying adult things, never acting their age. High school was an experience that was fulfilling at times and very rapacious at times, I learned a lot of new fascinating things which is cool but I don't know if ill ever use those things in the future, sure I would like to but the problem is remembering those things. On the weekends I enjoy going hiking or playing airsoft or just sitting around the house watching TV, trying to pass time.