Religion as a Vital Part of Life Does religion really affect the way people live their daily lives? People believe that religion makes a better family and makes the world a better place to live. Many people follow religion so strongly that the future generations follow religion just as hard. Some people seem to change religion for their own recognition. There seem to be those people who go to church for the recognition, then those that who go and actually live by the word of God. So many different kinds of religions have sprung up, and with the different religions out there, it becomes hard to know which ones to choose and which ones will actually help with choices that the future generation will overcome.

With the variety of religions we have to choose from today, one religion suits everyone, but also will be known to helping change the past customs to fit the society today, help with the children and families, and also help with governments decisions for the future generations. With the world changing and growing daily, the key to religious success comes from staying true to yourself through thick and thin. With past rituals and rules, being successful in religion becomes difficult, according to a writer named Gary Wills (Wills). So by worshipping things like camels would not apply today because of the fact that we do not use camels anymore, could be changed to worshipping something along the lines of a car, or clothes, or a model's body.

Also, religious practices, such as abstinence based on today's religious beliefs, may not have applied back then because of the young marriage age. Also, with the preaching's done in the past, times have changed, and so have the sermons, in order to keep the people coming. With everything changing so fast, people seem to be changing along with the society, and so the only thing that keeps the church up to date with everything comes from the children. The children in families seem to help with the changing in the church. Since the children live in this generation, they tend to help the congregation change with the society. According to Rhonda Stock religion helps with a family setting.

She raises all her children to follow in the Lord's steps and she hopes that when they grow up and live their own lives, that they will see how well religion has affected their lives. "Going to church and having something to believe in brings hope for the future to know that I will someday see my children after I have left this place", said by Rhonda (Stock). Rhonda lives her life with an amazing persona of life and death; Rhonda really does believe that religion and God affect the future. Rhonda shows her kids to this day how religion can help in everyday life, and her children see how religion helped her out throughout her life. Her children show gratitude for that and seem to live the life that Rhonda has helped them see. Rhonda said, "Children are the ones who are going to help the society today see how religion is going to change how we live and where we live", (Stock).

The future generations will hopefully live a life that shows who they really believe in and teach their families. My mother, Monica, has gone to church her whole life, and she raises her children in a religious environment. She believes that people grow up to be a better person if they grow up in a religious environment. According to Monica Evans, "Religion is the backbone to a good family" (Evans). She also states, "The word, religion, is becoming more contradictory; you have those people who say they are Christians and go to church just for the recognition, but then you have those who call themselves Christians and actually live a life of purity.

They go to church, they live by God, they have their children believe what the parents believe, and they try to help the American society find religion" (Evans). Monica follows the way that God would want her to follow she believes. She plans to live a life of purity and hopes that in the future, her children will make her proud and follow a life that God put them on this earth to live. People choose religions based on a group that makes them feel more comfortable with the same beliefs as them.

Religion comes across as foundation of a building, according to Pat Robertson, where if one person falters, then the building as a whole will be missing a big part and need to start over (Robertson 575). People often congregate around other people with similar ideas and understandings of religion today. People worship and hold religious ceremonies in groups in order to feel accepted with their surroundings. So in order make a religion work, people need to unite as one to make a foundation that makes everyone in that group stand firm in what the people believe. All people become apart of a religion in some way. Finding where you as an individual can become difficult.

Being individuals, we have the opportunity to decide the difference between right and wrong, and good or evil. We conform our own beliefs and opinions to create different religions, which tend to falter. It becomes very difficult to find one person who believes one hundred percent, in their religion, and not just share common practices. Especially those in the government, they try to act like religion accounts for all the torture in America, but really, they come to agreements and tend to use their own religious beliefs to find the right answer for a problem. According to Kramnick and Moore, religion and government will never be able to separate from each other. No matter how hard and long the government tries to diminish religion for good, government will always need the religious side in order to finish what Americans started.

"The creation of a godless constitution was not an act of irrelevance", (Kramnick and Moore 583). Americans made what we live in today happen because the first people who traveled here made a government where the people had the choice to choose what they wanted to follow. They did not have to follow one way or another. Government started based on a religious aspect, but still gave the people a choice of who and what the people wanted to believe in. The government used some religious features to make America what America gets viewed as today. Before every congress assembly, the people of the meeting pray before the congregation.

So therefore if government tried to take religion out of America, it would mess up the society we live in today. "Religion is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle, you live religion whether you believe hard core, or whether you are at the other end of the spectrum where you don't believe at all, it is a viewpoint of that persons lifestyle", (Stock). The removal of religion from our government becomes impossible because not practicing a religion, not believing in a god, and not worshipping anything, also known as atheism, contradicts denying a religion. Showing how religion helps with the changing of the: society, children, families, and government give us hope for a better future.

As individuals, we have the responsibility to choose right and wrong, to choose God or no god, to choose heaven or hell; these choices give us the basis of what we call religion..