DEATHWATCH Imagine you " ve been hired to be a hunting guide in the desert when you " re the guy that is being hunted. Your customer accidentally shot an old prospector whom nobody knows and doesn't want to go to jail for it. So he makes you take off all your clothes and tells you to try to walk to town, which happens to be 60 miles from where you are. With no food and no water you are forced to walk or do what you need to do, to try to stay alive.

So you wander in the desert mountains trying to find water while being watched through a ten-power scope of a. 358 caliber Winchester Magnum. Well, that is what Ben had to face when Madec hired him to be a hunting guide in Deathwatch, by Robb White. It all started out when Madec hired Ben because of his field in working in the desert.

When Madec saw a white figure through his ten-power scope on his. 358 caliber Winchester Magnum, he fired saying he saw horns on it. When they walked up there, Madec confessed that he did not see horns on the animal, and requested to go on hunting and not waste time finding it and bringing it to the jeep. But Ben insisted on either bringing it in to the jeep or to burry it in the desert sand. But Madec had known what he had done, and kept persisting to go on and not waste time because it is a once in a lifetime chance to go hunting for bighorn sheep, and he didn't want to go home empty handed.

So when they got to the body of the sheep, Ben discovered that it was a human. The. 358 caliber Winchester Magnum bullet had done fearful damage, blasting the man's lungs out through his back. Madec was mad that Ben had found out what had happened, and said they should burry the man and never talk about him again. But, good ol' honest Ben wasn't about to make a mistake; he wanted to report the accident to the sheriff. So he went down to go get the jeep, and on his way back up, he heard 2 gunshots.

When he got up there, he asked what Madec was doing with the gun and Madec said he was seeing how it was shot. Then Madec went on to the body, and said that the man had been shot before, twice. Madec had tried to cover up his mistake. Then, Madec got mad and said that he didn't want to go to town to report an accident because he might go to jail. Then he held the gun up to Ben, and told him to take all his clothes off and walk to town. So Ben took off, not knowing what to do.

He knew he had about 48 hours of water in him and he figured he should go try to find the old prospector's camp or a place that there would be water. So he searched all through the day looking for the camp when he found it. It was a mess. There was a water can, with the bottom smashed out of it, the stove was all busted in with a rock, and there were nothing of any kind that could be used. But as he was about to leave, he saw a tin case above the entrance.

It had a lock on it, so he got a rock and busted the lock. As he opened it, he saw a snake. He threw the tin case in a corner, and soon discovered that the thing in the case wasn't a snake, it was a slingshot. He also noticed that the slingshot was a very nice slingshot with rubber tubes connecting to the frame, and the frame also had a slight different feature.

It had an arm brace. So Ben decided that he would leave that in the camp for a while and look for some water. When he got outside, he looked around and saw some sort of a catch basin where there looked like dirty but drinkable water. So he started to go towards it. When he was about 100 yards from the catch basin, he heard some shots.

He looked to his right and saw Madec with the jeep out in the desert. So, Ben started to run towards the catch basin, but ended up giving up when he was shot in the cheek and in the arm. He walked away thinking that he would come back there in the night when Madec couldn't see him. So he fell asleep to get some rest and was awoken to see Madec shoveling out all the water into the sand and see it evaporate even before it hits the ground. Ben got mad, and when nightfall came, he set out with his feat killing him with nearly all of the skin scraped off of them.

He walked until he found some old cactus tree and found some bird's nests. He put them on his feet to act like sandals. Once his supply of sandals ran out, he made some out of's atol leaves. He ran until he reached his destination. The butte. He started climbing as fast as he could.

Once at the top, it was nearly noon. Then he heard shots fire. He noticed that one of the shots had hit him in the arm creating a hole in it. He did not feel any more pain. So then he heard the jeep start up.

He realized that Madec was going to get a better position to fire so he could kill him. Ben jumped. He fell down running along the butte until he was inside a tunnel. He then started climbing until he could see light to his right inside another tunnel.

Then he saw it a huge puddle of water. He ran there and drank and drank and drank until he was drunk off the water. Then, after he was no longer thirsty, he realized that he was hungry. He remembered he had the slingshot and the buckshot, so he got them and started practicing his aim. After shooting several pebbles and five buckshot, he was satisfied by his aim. He then waited for when birds would come to drink the water.

When at least a dozen birds had gathered, he took his slingshot and shot 5 dead. Then he decided, since he didn't have a way to cook the birds to pluck them and eat them. Thus he did, nearly loosing them out of his stomach. Then he went to sleep. The next day, he shot 3 birds and a lizard and put them in the sun to cook them.

He decided what to do that night and fell asleep waiting for night. Once night was on its way, he gutted the animals and ate them. They were a little bit better than the night before, but it still wasn't like home cooking. Once he ate them, Ben went outside to see if Madec was asleep yet. When he discovered that he was, he climbed down the butte. The day before, Madec started making his own way up the butte.

He discovered that Madec was making holds so he could climb his way up the butte. Once he was down, he realized that morning would be coming soon and Madec would continue climbing his way up the butte again. Ben decided to dig a hole, and burry himself with one slingshot tube in his ear so he could hear, and one tube in his mouth so he could breath. Once he accomplished his task, He waited. When he heard Madec pounding against the butte again, he uncovered himself and ran for the jeep. When he reached the jeep, he discovered that Madec had the bolt to the hornet, the keys to the jeep, and part of the motor that makes the engine run.

Ben decided to lure Madec toward himself. He found Madec's suitcase and put some clothes on. When he found some matches, he unscrewed the propane tank from the lantern and set it, open, on the ground. He lit the tent on fire with the match, and ducked behind the jeep.

When the tent was aflame, the Propane tank exploded. Ben saw Madec look back. Madec rushed to the ground, grabbed the. 358, and ran to see what was happening. Ben, hiding under the jeep, shot 5 buckshot out of the slingshot. He hit him every single time, until Madec stopped going for the.

358. Then, Ben tied Madec up, and put him in the jeep. He then salvaged the stuff for the car and headed for town. Once in town, he headed directly to the Sheriff's Office.

When he got there he told the sheriff what happened, then they both, Ben and Madec went to the doctor. When they were in the doctor's office, the doctor examined them both. When Ben went back to the sheriff's, Madec went to the hospital, the sheriff arrested Ben. Ben told the truth about what happened, but they couldn't understand what Madec did. They believed what Madec had said. When the trial came along, things were looking badly for Ben.

Until the doctor stepped out. The doctor had found Ben's slingshot, and said that he examined the dead guy, and found that the. 358 bullet killed him. Ben was no longer arrested. They took him back to the sheriff's office, where Ben didn't report a crime of murder or aggravated assault, he reported an accident.

If you really enjoy a fast paced, action packed book with a crazy maniac as the bad guy; if you like to read books about survival in the desert; if you love action books with a touch of death, you " ll love Deathwatch..