Should the United States change its policy with Puerto Pico? Indeed it should not. We are essential to their economy and they benefit ours. Besides this, there are other mutual benefits. In addition, the Puerto Ricans themselves are not in agreement as to a specific change that should take place.

Therefore at this time there should be no alteration in the current policy between the United States and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico's economy greatly benefits from the United State's help. On the World Wide Web I found a web site called welcome. topuertorico. org / economy. According to this site, some U.S. firms have invested heavily in Puerto Rico due to tax incentives.

As a result Puerto Rico's exports and imports have prospered, nearly doubled between fiscal years 1987 and 1997. The United States purchased 89.4% of Puerto Rico's exports in 1999, which cost them $30,535,216.1. Not only that, but 65.51% of Puerto Rico's imports come from the United States. Puerto Rico has very few natural resources of economic value and its economy relies mainly on Federal Aid from the United States Government, which depends on the industrialization programs and the tax incentives that the U.S. offers. Clearly the United States is Puerto Rico's main source of economic development. Another reason the United States should not change its policy towards Puerto Rico is that there are mutual benefits for both parties.

On October 17, 2003, I had the privilege of speaking to a Puerto Rican named Laura Berrocal, who works for the National Puerto Rican Coalition. If you desire to speak with her, then you can call the National Puerto Rican Coalition and ask for Laura Berrocal. The telephone number is (202) 223-3915. According to Ms. Berrocal, Puerto Rico should not presently undergo a policy change because of these benefits. One of the benefits for Puerto Rico is the fact that the United States Government gives them millions of dollars towards welfare, education, and health. Another is that because of their U.S. citizenship they are provided with many job opportunities.

Finally, the most powerful country in the world protects them. The United States has benefits as well such as, the freedom to draft Puerto Ricans for military activity, the small businesses in Puerto Rico that add to our economy, and in the past we have had a naval base where we have tested bombs and performed other maneuvers. According to Laura Berrocal there should be no policy change at this time because of these shared advantages. Chairman Don Young and senior Democratic member George Miller summarized the results of the 1998 Puerto Rico plebiscite report, on November 19, 1999.

This summary was posted on the World Wide Web, web In this article, Don Young stated that in 1998, the government of Puerto Rico conducted a political status plebiscite. This plebiscite was inconclusive because the results did not constitute a clear expression of the will of the United States citizens of Puerto Rico regarding their ultimate political status. In the interest of the Puerto Rican people, it is better to keep the current political status until a better agreement can be reached. There should be no change concerning the United States policy with Puerto Rico. As you can see both parties share advantages. The United States Government aids their economy and having Puerto Rico as a U.S. Commonwealth benefits ours.

As a people group, the Puerto Ricans could not decide on a specific change in their political status thus no change should take place regarding the United States and Puerto Rico's policy..