Dear Jenny, Hey, how's it going in Gainesville? Are you on top of your classes, or is the partying getting to you? He he, just kidding. I'm sure you " re doing great. Things are good here at UF, I'm meeting a lot of people and my dorm is great, if a little small.

It's definitely not like high school; remember those days? We did a lot of stuff together. We always hung out and we were the best of friends, we even created the Anime Club together (I guess we " ll still dispute over whether that was successful or not!) I used to help you get over bad guys, and you did the same. I noticed, though, that towards the end of senior year we began to drift apart. I know that some of that has to do with me hanging out with "Eric and co. ", you know, Eric, Joel, Chris, Katie, and Tommy. I know you thought that this was a new thing for me, but in reality it wasn't.

I have known all of them throughout high school; I just never hung o ut with them much. I always tried to get you to hang out with us; they " re great people and I'm sure you'd like them, you just always refuse. And I know you " re not big on partying, but it would have been nice to see you at one of our get-togethers. I think that's what definitely has separated us these past few months; we " re interested in doing different things. And we " ve always been like that - you like to do this and I like to do that, but lately the separation seems stronger.

I feel like we " re not communicating as well as we used to. You " ve been my best friend since middle school, and the last thing I want as we start college is to drift apart permanently. I know you would like me to change back to the way I used to be, and I would like to see you "loosen up" a bit. I think that we can find a place in the middle, though. We " ve done it before, just not on such a large scale. I th ink we could start by communicating better.

Sometimes when we " re talking (and I know we " re both guilty of this), we don't listen to each other, we just wait for the other person to finish so we can say what we want. I think we both can improve in the listening department. Also, I feel that we can be more enthusiastic about each others' endeavors. I've often got apathy from you when I'm trying to tell you something that's important or exciting to me, like when I went to Miami. All I ask is that you try to be happy for me. I could improve there as well; I know I never really supported your JROTC functions.

Well, despite these issues, you " re still my best friend. I can't wait to visit you in Gainesville and meet your new friends, as well as see Cali. And whenever you come down here to visit, I can show you around UF and we can watch anime and make really bad cake just like in high school. It " ll be great! I hope to see you soon. Your best friend, Melissa.