English Coursework Atticus In my opinion Atticus is a great father as he always tells the children the truth, also the children respect their father as it says, "our father is satisfactory". The children relate to their father very well they feel they can talk and respond to their father without feeling uncomfortable like some children would with their parents but as they can relate to their father tells us that he is a good father. His statement "Sister I do the best I can with them", I agree with this statement because I think he does do the best with his children because he never tells them lies and he always tells them the real story and that there might be trouble just like when he told Scout that there would be trouble because that he was defending a black man! Also he trusts his children and he can rely on his children which gives Jem and Scout a responsibility which makes them behave and try and help their father.

The way he deals with the court case is brilliant because he tells his children that there is going to be trouble and he warned them they would be called names and that people would call him dirty and offence names and not to get upset and not to fight, he said that he trusted them which again give them responsibility which makes me believe that, that is what made them behave. He also tells his children why there will be trouble between them and the town in general, the children cannot understand. Atticus again tells them what they cannot understand, "why do people not like to defend people of different races?" asks Jem, so Atticus tells them, he says that the people of May comb don't like people that are black because they are different. The role of Mrs. Dubose I think is quite important because she always talks badly about Atticus, which makes the children work to keep Atticus's promise, which Scout managed to do, but sadly Jem didn't.

Mrs. Dubose is a racist woman and she always told Atticus that he was a nigger lover, but when Atticus was with his children and Mrs. Dubose said that he would just reply politely "you are entitled to your own opinion madam, which gave the children a lesson he was teaching the children not to judge anybody by their appearance are the way they walk on which is an important lesson in life.