Frankenstein or The modern Prometheus I will be looking at answering the question in this essay why the novel Frankenstein is also referred to as the modern Prometheus. It is wise to point out that there are many different ways in towards the myth of Prometheus has been told and how it has changed over the centuries so I will look at the tale I am most familiar with and try and compare to others that I am not so familiar with and then relate it to the story of Frankenstein. There are many main similarities to the myth of Prometheus and the main character V Frankenstein but also a huge contrast in there characters and personalities. The first is that both created a new life for Prometheus he created man a sub species as an insult to the Olympians who had imprisoned his fellow titans in Tartars. Man was in the image of the gods and stood up right mocking the Olympians mainly Zeus who gave Prometheus the task.

There relationship although affectionate at the beginning of time with Prometheus backing the Olympian gods rather then his fellow Titians and leader his brother Atlas. Although he backed the Olympians there was a split between them from the start with the harsh treatment the Titians suffered and mainly Atlas who was left holding the sky for all time. With Frankenstein creating a new life I believe again to mock the christen god to show he also had the power of creation and to show his intelligence. But the big difference was with Prometheus's man was a lower form of life Frankenstein was superior to man in many ways starting the monster was 8 foot tall, strong, powerful, could survive in the hashish conditions, very intelligent and emotional. The 2nd similarity is after each of them created life they had to face a punishment after Prometheus created life there are two different stories I will have to relate to. The first is Zeus took offence to the creation of man and giving them fire and created women to punish man the name of the women was Pandora I don't have to go into detail on the Pandora's Box myth but just say that she brought evil to the world.

I just like to focus on the word modern from the title 'the modern Prometheus' to show the different views of ancient and modern times women in Greek and christen mythology was the course of all evil when in Frankenstein women are perfect, nice and saintly. This happens in all the Prometheus myths relating to the creation but the reason why are different some people think for giving man fire others for tricking Zeus when it came to giving a sacrifice to him part of all the food man has to punish man by taking fire of them and Prometheus stealing it again. What Frankenstein's punishment was that he lived in fear of his creation what torments it could do to the people around him? Then with the murder of his little brother and the task set to create a partner for the monster was a pushing point to ruin his life and set of to kill the monster leading to his own demise. That's a big different between Prometheus and Frankenstein is Prometheus loved man his own creation and led to one reason for his ruin wile Frankenstein loathed his creation and led him to his ruin. The last similarity of the two is knowledge the good and the bad it brought them both.

First of in some stories of Prometheus he gave man such wisdom as architecture, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, ect. That's the positive to knowledge and also Frankenstein did leave a monster that was something brilliant he created with his knowledge. But both suffered greatly from there knowledge Prometheus was entrusted with the name of one of the children of Zeus who would arise and dethrone him witch led to him torture being tied to a rock and every day a eagle would come and eat his liver and every night it would grow back and this happened for centuries some myths say it was for ever but other say that Chiron and Hercules came after a couple of decades and rescued him but that's another story. But what is known he never reviled the name who would dethrone Zeus and therefore Prometheus is known throughout the ages as a GREAT REBEL AGAINST INJUSTICE AND THE CRUEL AUTHORITY OF TYRANNICAL POWER.

A great contrast in character to Frankenstein. Frankenstein on the other hand did suffer great torment but what he created for himself something he had done he had to stop throughout the novel he shows this one sided view toward almost everything he puts his mind to the true ancient Greek hero.