THE WAR TO END ALL WARS My story starts out my freshmen year in Memorial high school. It's the year 2001. Memorial high school is located in Eau Claire Wisconsin. At begging of high school was a little different but not much changed. The biggest change is there is more people in the school at one time. So people tend to go to group up and have there little community of friends.

I have always been an outdoors kind of a guy. I like to hunt and fish, I even have a cabin up north. During middle school not many kids liked to do things out side they were trying to be thugs by wearing big baggie clothes and listing to rap. Every one was afraid of getting dirty. So I kind of followed along. When high school came every one was kind of the same but after a wile people just stop caring and did what they always wanted to do.

That's when people stated going into the little groups. But even with that said every one that went to the same middle school kind of stays friend in there own little way. Months after school started talking to a kid that I went to middle school with. His name is Nick Crime.

He was a kid like me an outdoor kind of a guy. But he too was caught in the thug phase during middle school he was a big skater. I started to tell him about the paintball wars I had been in. And he told me that he also had a paintball gun and that he was going to use it in a war with his church group. And so he invited me. The big day The day was a Saturday it was raining and cold.

Two church groups 30 people each. Walking though the course is see what we will be playing in. The course was a big hill in the woods a creek ran an S shape down the hill with two bridges. Because of the rain the creek depth was up to my chest. The hill was a deep mud. The trees and under brush was vary thick and green.

Our team was to start at the top of the hill. On most parts of the creek there was about a three foot sand rock cliff on both sides. We lined up on the side of the cliff waiting for the referee to give us the go. Minuets latter he asks both teams if they were ready. Than gave a countdown.

1, 2, 3 GO! Every one on my team leaps across the creek most of don't make it and land in the creek. But Nick and me made it across and start to run. Because of the rain and the cold weather every ones mask fogs up. Nick and me can't see more than 5 to 10 feet in front of us. We slide to a bunker the mud just covering us.

Guns start going off me and nick meet with others on our team and make a plan. Our plan was to zig zag bunker to bunker to the flag and kill any one on the way. In order for one of us to run the others would have to give us cover fire. Me being the veteran to paintball is forced to go first.

On the count to three I go as every on shoots and I run to the next bunker. I run far enough a head to see that no one is yet near us. So we all advance to the nearest bunkers tell were at the bottom. When we made it to the bottom we find the enemy.

I kill three people at different bunkers. I give the order to go just that the opposing team opens up on us. As we run towards them on person on my team hit nick witch is on the same team. And the ref makes him go out. So here I am with five kids I don't know depending on me for what to do next.

I tell them to not use the bridge because it is to risky but to jump in the creek and use the opposite bank for cover. On the go we all ran to the creek jumping as high and as far a we can the water was moving fast and it was vary cold. We hold our guns above our heads and we head to the other side of the creek. Again the look at me to find out what's next? I tell them to give and another guy cover fire and two others sneak around and attack from the back. As I ran to the flag me and the other kid were being shoot at by countless paintballs.

As he grabs the flag he gets hit and troughs it to me. I ran as the enemy team shoots at me and my team gave cover fire. I ran across the bridge up the hill across the creek again and to our base winning the game. The hole time I could not see 2 feet in front of me shooting at every thing. Before that day I had been in many small wars but not big ones. That made me wont to get more people into paintball so I could do it more often.

That next spring I started talking to people and found that there were others who hade paintball guns but never use them. The first ones were Nick, Catlon, Shawn, and I. Catlon dad owns a huge excavation place called American Express excavation and transportation. And so we decided to use 2.5 acres of land to make our own course. We worked all summer and winter and the following spring on it. We played games on the course every once in a wile when we got sick of working on it. After a wile the course became a complex place of pillboxes, bunkers, and bases.

It's even got a town and a huge factory. And at one time it even had a replica of a WWII death camp. It wasn't long before people herd about our course and wanted to come and play. The strange part of it all was that the people that I always thought of being the perfect. People that never like to be dirty and have never done any real work in their life came out. It was like us four broke the rule and did what we really like to do and after we did others followed.

Now we have games once a week if possible. With the amount of people ranging from ten to even fifty. Us four people have become pretty famous for our course. After we graduate high school we plan go enter the military and become marines than go to the Special Forces.