Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit that wanted to live a simple life in his hobbit hole, but instead he found himself in a very dangerous and adventurous journey. This journey, described in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, changed his whole life and gave him many satisfactory experiences and a few disillusions. Similar to Bilbo, Tom Katsapetses is a man that wanted to have a very simple life, but instead he established his own successful construction business. Both are important to their worlds, Bilbo in his imaginary world and Tom in the real world. Tom is very similar to Bilbo Baggins in terms of personality, although Tom is very different in physical characteristics. Bilbo Baggins has many unique characteristics and special qualities.

Bilbo is short and fat. His hair is curly and he has it on his head and feet. He likes to laugh, eat and drink. His capacity to understand the world is amazing, especially for someone who never got out from his hole. He also understands thrush, which is a kind of bird language.

More importantly, however, is that he develops from a simple character and ends up as a hero. During his voyage with the dwarves, Bilbo shows that strength exists within him, and slowly he becomes the dominant force keeping all of his friends together. This is evident when a courageous Bilbo saves his friends from the goblins. For example, after finding the exit he deduces that he cannot survive alone, and he rescues them from the spiders. Bilbo was brave to fight more than fifty savage spiders. Bilbo also saves his friends from the wood-elves and he fought with the most dangerous dragon in his world.

Fighting the dragon is one of the most difficult situations in Baggins' journey. It is the scariest and probably the one that impacts him the most. An example is when Bilbo talks with Smaug, the dragon, and alone he has to confront him. Throughout his journey, he learns how to overcome obstacles and how to work his wonderful personality. His personality is admired because although he complained lot, he never gave up. He was always there at the precise moment and never failed in his obligations.

He never promised anything, but he always felt what he did was right. Similar to Bilbo, Tom Katsapetses has some unique characteristics, which make him different from our main character. Tom is a tall and skinny person, and although he is not that strong physically, he has a very strong opinion. His hair is straight and he does not have any hair on his feet or at least hair that can be seen.

He likes to laugh, but he doesn't spend a long time eating or drinking. However, like Bilbo, Katsapetses understands another language, not thrush, but Greek, which is also very complicated. Another similar quality to Bilbo is that he also developed from a simple person and is seen as a hero for many people. Tom runs a construction business, but it took time and a lot of hard work to make it a successful business because of it required so many challenges. To grow as a person, one has to open new doors and accept new challenges. Tom started a process of hard development, such as Bilbo did.

He started from a simple person who lived in a poor neighborhood and became one of the most respected people in the whole town. This respect is something that Bilbo did not achieve even after his long journey. Tom gained this respect by helping install public water lines, electricity and sewers. Later, he built condominiums for old people. During Katsapetses' journey, he showed that any obstacle can be overcome if one works hard enough. Also, from the beginning he has helped every friend or person who asked him for a hand.

There are many examples of his generosity that are impossible to list on this piece of paper. However, one example is when he helped save his friend's life. Tom gave up his new Ferrari, which was on order, and used the money to save a life from a fatal heart disease. Although today he does not have the Ferrari, what is more important is that his friend is alive. Bilbo and Tom are from very different places but their differences are few. Their individual experiences had dramatically changed their whole lives and the lives of the people around them.

Their adventures gave them many satisfactory experiences and a few disillusions of the world. They both wanted to have a very simple life, but instead found many challenges. However, by facing and overcoming these challenges they established themselves as stronger individuals and were later able to make their own successful contributions. Both of them are important to us because they show examples of success. Those examples demonstrate that if we try our best we can succeed.