The Proper Way to Pick: Nose the Delicacy The best thing God has done for man is to give him a nose and a pinky. The nose is the very essence of man's existence. Without this precious gift, humanity itself can not live pass a single minute. This magnificent structure allows life to flow in and out gently through its two frontal openings. The constant flow of air must be perpetual. Nothing should obstruct this flow in any way.

If it ceases, the life it maintains will be terminated forever. However, once in awhile, irritating bacteria also known as burgers, clogs our continuous delicate stream. This heinous fence of filth impedes the free movement of life which induces suffering upon the less fortunate. These burgers are simple to detect.

Devious as they can be, they come in all sort of shape and sizes to confuse the host. Some may even have long thick black hairs that penetrates its membrane like a knife stabbing a heart. The texture may be hard or soft depending upon the duration that it was in the nose. The longer they sit, the hard they become. The colors that are displayed on their surfaces ranges from a pale green to a black red if one just had a nose-bleed. Also another way to test the quality of it is to place the burger in his or her mouth, it usually have a salty taste like sweat after a long hot jog.

Sometimes it may even be crunchy and chewy but do not be deceived, it is still a burger but with sand and dirt that resides within. Detecting the burger is the first very important step. Once one senses that a burger dwells in his or her nose, one must dispose of it right away. Our God the merciful and affectionate, blessed everyone with two handy instrument to fight off these devilish burgers.

Do not let the size of the tool fool anyone of its full potential because in this case, size does not matter. The pinky it the most proper finger for its job. All the other fingers are ei the too big to enter through the openings or it may make one look too ridiculous trying to use it. People would think one was a complete neophyte if he or she was caught using a thumb. There is only one way to extract the burger from our precious nose.

Again, any other way would be ludicrous. Please pay attention carefully to the next section, for it describes the procedure step by step of how to dispose burgers in the most suitable manner. (Highlighter is highly recommended.) One may one day find him or her self in this life or death situation and be dexterous enough escape doom. The first procedure is to have the pinky standing alone by itself. That means the hand is in a fist position except the pink. It does not matter which pinky to use, one may even use both at the same time for each tunnel.

Be sure the fingernail is facing away from the nose. This step is crucial because if the fingernail is towards the face, the scooping gesture becomes difficult to perform. The proper way allows the full extent of the pinky to be entirely inserted in the nose. Now the next step is extremely complicated.

The scooping movement does not occur in the arm nor from the elbow. All that would accomplish is the enlargement of one's nostril. One can tell if someone has been performing the incorrect movements by the way that person's nose is in a constant flared. The secret is in the last joint of your pinky. The only movement that occurs is within the joint. A simple stroke can dislodge the burger from the inner walls of the nose.

Be extra cautious when one is performing the scooping. Any sudden movements or jerks can cause the capillaries in the nose to erupt. If the capillaries does break, the nose becomes occupied with oozing blood. Then the task becomes more difficult. If such case does occur, run quickly to the restroom without dropping blood on the floor because no one likes others to notice their own foolish mistakes and be followed. Once in the restroom, take a clean sheet of toilet paper and rolled it into a thin stick like a cigarette.

After doing so, immediately plug it into the nose and hide in the stall. The foolishness already caused enough blood loss, let us not let the self esteem be even more condemned. Therefore, always engage in the removing of bacteria when no one is in sight. This ensures the safety of the nose from any potential problems. After the removal of the bacteria, the next process is to inspect it carefully to be sure it is definitely a burger. Check the texture and color of the burger.

One may do a sample testing as mentioned before, by grinding it between the teeth. If the taste is salty then it is confirmed as a burger. However, if the taste is anything else but salty, quickly spit it out of the mouth and pray that it was not poisonous and deadly. The sample testing is a sure way to determine the burgers; despite it's great risk.

Some people with courage complete the testing with taste, while others may just toss anything that was expunged. It all depends on the preference of the picker. Once again take a circumspect look around before taking out the garbage. This protects the picker from any problems and mess that it creates. Keeping a nose clean can tell a lot about a person. It shows that he or she is responsible and tidy.

This task is like taking a shower. It must be done at least once a day to assure the safe passage of air through the nose. It not only keeps one clean, but also bring good health to the body. The lungs requires clean air for any repairs done for any individual. Breathing is an essential to life. One that lives a clean life will definitely prosper from it.

Daily dosage of cleaning will make one's life long, happy, and prosperous. Once a day, keeps the bacteria away.