Spencer Marte Mr. T. D'Orazio Academic Writing February 4, 2003 Reality? TV. Television has come to a new low. Reality TV rakes in the money for television stations while demeaning America's public. It is amazing that people are still tuning in to shows like Joe Millionaire, Survivor and The Osbournes. Sure a look into the lives of celebrities is always fun but these other shows are regular Joes (no pun intended) in a different environment, yet people are still interested.

It seems as though the writers of these shows pick a fun bunch of people and put then in different environments and / or scenarios and claim they have a show. I'm still waiting for Bus Stop the only reality TV show filmed in a real bus stop. All these shows have the same idea lets take these people, put them here and film it and maybe sometimes we " ll give them something to do. The simple fact of the matter is that these shows however many there are make money and that's all that the networks care about. People watch them no matter how stupid the show is they are just so interested to see what these people will do next. Reality TV shows are fake moneymakers that the American public can't get enough of my question is "WHY?" .

First let's pick the Reality TV show apart. There are 4 basic elements to all RTV shows. Sometimes these shows are real people in real or outrageous imposed situations. Sometimes they " re celebrities in real or outrageous situations but they are always showing emotions. What these shows are always about is emotion. In survivor you " ll often hear "4 votes Aimee, the tribe has spoken".

Now we see Aimee and the tribes emotions the fruits of the shows effort. Think about it these shows are all about pulling emotion from people. From messing up while singing for Simon on American Idol to not getting picked to move on to the next round emotion is exposed. From loosing the immunity challenge to getting kicked off the island on Survivor emotion is exposed. From telling the kids to not smoke pot to throwing yelling at then neighbors on the Osbournes emotion is exposed. The American public can't get enough of it and that is why these shows are so successful.

Competition is also a common factor in these shows but all it really is is a way to expose emotions of the winners and losers. The best part.