Casino's Niagara Falls essay example

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A major economic issue was recently brought up I Niagara Falls concerning casino gambling and it's legalization. Gambling is an economic solution for Niagara Falls because of many reasons. If Niagara Falls was to allow gambling, there would be a yearly revenue of millions of dollars. Thousands of tourists visit Niagara Falls each year to see the Falls. In return, casino gambling would be used to benefit the city of Niagara Falls. Across the boarder in Niagara Falls Ontario, casino gambling has been legalized except for dice gambling which is not allowed.

Niagara Falls would have a big advantage over the Ontario casino's if gambling was legalized. Not only would it draw the crowd of tourist's visiting the Falls, but also people who wanted to roll dice, it would be legal. Along with the casino's following will bring a high capital rate and inflation rate of customers for local businesses. Many hotel chains, as well as restaurants and local attractions would benefit from this single casino.

The coming of local casino's, would also bring forth many jobs for Niagara Falls citizens. This useful attraction would strongly benefit to Niagara Falls because it can be used as a year-round tourist destination. The doors of the casino may be opened 365 days a year, as the casino would definitely bring gamblers from all over the country, and the world as well. The jobs created by the development of casino's would give many unemployed Niagara Falls citizens a place to work.

It is hoped that this will cause the welfare rate in Niagara Falls to decrease dramatically. With the legalization of gambling and the construction of casino's all over the city, many types of people like common tourists and gamblers will visit the city of Niagara Falls with one thing on their mind. That one thing is to get rich quick. People will spend money in the city whether it is on just gamblin alone, or on hotels and restaurants combined. Either way, the money brought into the city through the casino's will serve as a huge money maker to boost the economy in Niagara Falls. This inflation of capital brought into the city can be used to renovate many of the older buildings of downtown Niagara Falls and reconstruct some of the other local businesses.

These larger improvements could be of great value to upgrade the city. With many large ideas in mind, many smaller plans are not to be overseen such as the re-paving of the roads, and possibly landscaping for the downtown sites and attractions. With the money being taken in from the casino's Niagara Falls can also use the money to modernize Goat Island where many tourist's go every year to view the Falls. They may also use some of the profits to produce more businesses in downtown Niagara Falls where there is a desperate need for new development.

With gambling becoming a major tourist attraction and citizens visiting from other states or countries, there will be a great demand for hotel rooms and places to dine. Because of this, the development of Niagara Falls is more important than ever. If the city of Niagara Falls was to develop more entertainment besides casinos, guests visiting the city would have more things to do so they would have to stay longer, causing them to feed more money into the economy of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is an old city that needs change. If gambling was legalized and casino's were built, that could be the improvement that could change this city for the better. This could very well be an economic solution for the city of Niagara Falls having many new developments change the city forever.

These are just a few of the reasons why gambling is an economic solution for Niagara Falls and why casino gambling should be allowed in the city of Niagara Falls.