While there are many books and articles depicting toilet training techniques for cats, not all of the information provided can work out. There are several things that will depend on your cat and his / her personality. Teaching your cat how to use the toilet involves operant conditioning. In this case, the cat's owner started off her program by removing the cat's litter box and placing it in the restroom next to the toilet, making sure her pet knew where it would be at. This is called shaping. Afterwards, the owner gradually started stacking things up beneath the litter box, so it became elevated, until it reached the height of the toilet seat itself.

She did this slowly, however, realizing that her cat would need time to get ac costumed to the adjustments. This is called successive approximations. When the cat was pretty used to the way things were, her owner once again changed the position of the litter box; this time installing it inside the toilet bowl but replacing the actual box with a metal mixing bowl. She removed the stacked books underneath the litter box and tried to catch her cat using the toilet as much as possible, teaching it the proper squatting posture. What is important, let your cat know when things are being done correctly; applause him / her on reward her with a treat, this will make the cat repeat whatever it is it has done. By doing this things you encourage the cat to keep on using the toilet; this is an example of positive reinforcement..