Censoring Speech is out of the question! There are many adequate reasons why colleges should not censor speech on campuses. Individuals should be given the right to freely express themselves without any sort of limitations. Instead of censoring speech, offensive speech should be responded to by more speech from someone of an opposing view.

Finally, a speech code holds a double standard. Language is a very important tool of communication and should not have restrictions on the usage because it may be offensive to some. Expression allows insight into something or someone. To really express something, one cannot be limited in speech.

Certain words in society carry stronger, more potent meanings than others since they shouldn't be used excessively rather only when appropriate. To grab someone's attention or to get a point across these words should be acceptable to use. In other words, we shouldn't be limited to a few words that may not even express what we want to say. Speech can be used to tell someone how his or her language may be offensive. In his essay, Alan Charles Kors stated very clearly, "Most students respect disagreement and difference, and they do not bring charges of harassment against those whose opinions or expressions 'offend' them". Instead of ignoring or punishing someone for saying something that is harmful or offensive to a certain group in society, it should be responded to with more speech.

By allowing this to happen, we can educate people along the way. We need to educate ignorant individuals by expressing politically correct ideas and language by arguing with them instead of simply rejecting their words and inflicting a penalty. After all, isn't that why we " re in college... to get an education (and a more well rounded one at that)? It makes more sense to respond to distasteful language with more speech and to try to change thoughts and ideas of the offensive individual.

Censorship does not solve anything. Censoring speech creates a double standard. Kors had a good point in showing that many people think censoring speech is progress to keeping hostile and offensive situations (mainly racial offenses) under control but do not consider the we don't censor speech associated with a certain religious group or with patriotism. Not all people agree with a certain type of religion or believe in loyalty to their country. It's unfair to censor racist, sexist, and homophobic speech and allow freedom of speech concerned with religion and patriotism.

It cannot be proven that racist, sexist, and homophobic speech is worse than religious or patriotic speech. Censoring speech on college campuses is by no means "progress". By not allowing freedom of speech, progress is actually inhibited. Censorship on campus not only narrows individual expression, it also detracts from educating by discussing diverse opinions and it is a double standard.