Character is the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group or a thing from another. It is the description of person's attributes, traits or abilities. character of a person is adjudged only by observing keenly his intentions, inner feelings. Character is defined only to a particular person but society comprises of many people with diverse characteristics. Like every person has unique feature simillarly is the character exhibited by him. Hero is also a part of society and he might be admired not for good conduct rather than for different reasons. He might not always be lionized for his moral conduct or good deeds.

Hence it is inappropriate to say that character of a hero resembles character of the whole society. Hero in a society is said to be a person noted for special achievements in a particular field, person noted for feats of courage or for nobility especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life for others sake. He might be idolized for his legendary performances in his field but need not be a good character ed, disciplined in his personal life. He might be illcharactered, false behaved in public but might excel in his profession. The best example to justify that character of an individual should not be considered as character of society is the role of former United States president Bill Clinton. He was very good in handling internal and external affairs of the nation.

It was his ability as a leader that he was elected twice fot the persidency. However regarding to his personal life or his character, he had an illicit and illegal relation with one of his coworkers working along with him. If his character is taken as the attitude of the society, then all the officials are to be accused of having illegal relations with thier staff. Simillarly many Roman emperors even tough were good at managing their kingdom, admistrating laws and strived for benefit of their citizens, their personal character was abnormal. They used to be very extravagant, irresponsible and unlawful towards their families.

However, the character of great people can influence others. Mother Teresa, who was very noble, kind hearted and very soft in her attitude was able to influence the society her her decent and good deeds. The influence was upto an extent that many others tried to follow her footsteps. Thus in most cases, character of society cannot be judged be character of a particular person.

It is our duty to get inspired by their good deeds and not to point out their defects or flaws. Like a swan takes only milk from a mixture of water and milk, we also should consider the good deeds done by the celebrities.