Will Matter Persuasion 10/30/99 Armies of Compassion Introduction: Armies of Compassion, what is it, well it is a dream the governor Bush is trying to get all of us to believe in. A dream that all of us can care for each other, That we can all help each other with the obstacles of life. His dream can be achieved by some of the plans he has if he becomes president. I think these programs are good, and I believe you will think they are too. I have picked three programs to explain to you. I. Federal Charitable Deduction A. Under laws now, only 1/8 of the pop. get charitable tax deduction B. Bush will give all people the ability to make charitable donation and claim it on there taxes 1.

This gives more reason to donate 2. It will raise billions in charitable donations II. Charitable Tax Credit A. This will provide credit against state income or other taxes for contributing to charities that address poverty and its impact. 1. $500.00 for single people 2. $1000.00 for married couples B. Allow states to designate the charities that get the credit.

1. The most effective programs get the money, not just the big ones. C. This tax options would give states flexibility in addressing human needs. Charitable Choice A. Bush wants to give all charity organization an equal chance to get grants from the government. 1. eliminate barriers restricting faith based organization to get grants. a. this will make competition for all groups, not just the large ones. 2. Take the money given only to the large charities, and put it up for application. This will give the small, more effective charities a chance for funds. A. Small more personal groups are proven to be more effective B. Brin competition levels higher, this makes people more motivated Conclusion: With these programs, Bush plans to rally the armies of compassion.

I think that all of these programs would help the country at large, and also uplift pubic moral. If Bush gets elected President, these programs will pass and our lives will be better.