My story begins when Charlie got a phone call from Mark. Mark asked Charlie if he wanted to come to his birthday party. Charlie said he would be happy to come. Charlie was thinking what to get Mark for a card. Charlie remembered that he had a picture of Mark's dog. The picture was funny, it was Mark's dog with his tongue hanging loose.

Charlie asked his mom if she could take the picture to the store to have it enlarged. She said she would be glad to get the picture enlarged. When Charlie received the picture back it was different. It was a man holding a baby. There was something about the picture that made Charlie feel weird.

Then Charlie realized he could hear the words and see the movement in the picture. He could hear the baby crying, the man yelling and the woman screaming. Charlie wondered if that was real or his imagination. Charlie told his mom that she got back the wrong picture. Charlie's mom called his aunts, the Yew beams. The Yew beam aunts wanted to question Charlie.

When they came over they showed Charlie the picture and asked him if he saw anything. Charlie pretended not to see anything, but he really did see and hear. Charlie was relieved that the questions were over. Then the next night Charlie saw Uncle Patan walk out the door. Charlie followed his Uncle Patan down the street. When Charlie was turning at the corner his Uncle said", Why are you following me?" Charlie replied "What?" Uncle Patan said I knew you were following me.

Then Uncle Patan and Charlie walked back to the house. The next afternoon a tall man appeared at the door. He said he was here to look for mice. Charlie said "Who called you about the mice?" The tall man immediately went into the kitchen and opened a cabinet.

There was a whole family of mice. The man took out a yellow envelope. The envelope contained the picture of the man holding the baby. The tall man said the baby is missing. The tall man told Charlie, he must find the baby at Bloor Academy.

A week later Charlie went to Bloor Academy. Bloor Academy was an enormous school. Charlie asked questions concerning the baby's whereabouts. Charlie got a couple of clues. The first clue was the baby was in the basement. Charlie went down into the basement.

The basement was huge. There were ten doors, only one was locked. Charlie had to find the key to the one locked door. Charlie opened all nine of the unlocked doors. Through the last unlocked door Charlie found the key to the locked door.

Charlie then took the key and opened the locked door. Charlie found the baby behind the locked door and gave the baby back to his parents. The mystery was solved and everybody was happy.