The famous quote, "Home is where the heart is" implies that all of us have a special place that we call home, a special place that we can go and relax. That place that I call home is Jarabacoa in Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa is my special place because it is high in the mountain. It has clear air, and relaxing scenes. Jarabacoa is located in one of the highest mountains in Dominican Republic.

Since I was little, when I fell from the second floor in my house, I loved heights, and Jarabacoa gave me that high sensation that I always dream of. I like the mountains of Jarabacoa because when I am high on top of the mountain, I feel free with all the energy to be happy, sad, and crazy at the same time that is a unique sensation. Another good points of heights is how you feel the pressure every time you go up higher, and higher. Besides the great height that Jarabacoa is located, it is one of the places with the clearest air in Dominican Republic. I feel like does coffee commercials every morning that I wake up, and take a full breath of that fresh air on my body. Also in the city I need to have air conditioning, to breath clean air, paying more money for electricity and repairs for the equipment.

One of the best things is that I can sleep without snoring, because the clean air in my lungs, and my wife is always happy not hearing me snore. In addition to a clean air, Jarabacoa has the most relaxing scenarios in Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa remind me, every time I go and sit out on the porch and feel like all my credit cards, car payments, and problems went away just looking and listening to the river. Another example is that my every day city migraine disappears sleeping under a beautiful and strong tree. Once I go and look at something I pass away to a different dimension, where there is only happiness and a relax day. Jarabacoa is my special place because it is high in the mountain, the clear air, and the relaxing scenes.

I finally decided that this place is a paradise for my heart, soul and relaxation, and I will came more times every year.