secondary research, quality and criteria of information selection, application of marketing concepts. The objective of the in-course assignment is ot provide students with the opportunity to study in some depth topics, which are of interest to them. The essay requires to consider key marketing activities covered in the basic marketing course. Product should be specific to provide for a clear application of marketing strategy concepts. The assignment is to explain how coca-cola is being markets. In other words, this a descriptive project -- the essay should describe environmental factors, demographic trends, buying behaviour, segmentation of the marked, target markets, positioning strategies, and marketing mix decisions that are relevant to their particular product.

Topics to address might include (but are mot limited to) the following: 1. marketing environment -- competition, technology, financial, social and demographic trends, legal 2. target market -- consumer or industrial, buying characteristics, market potential 3. product positioning 4. product -- stage of PLC, classifications, core / augmented product, packaging and labelling, warranties and service 5. distribution -- market coverage, channel structure, logistics / physical distribution 6. pricing -- mark-ups, discounts / allowances, pricing strategies 7. promotions -- advertising, role of personal selling, publicity and public relations, sales / trade promotion 8. ethical issues associated with this product 9. international marketing activities / opportunities The objective of the project is to give students an opportunity to think about and apply the concepts covered in class to an actual product. the report should all be written in the student's own words, any words taken from another source should be placed in inverted commas" " with the source of information provided. any web content used in the report should be accompanied by its URL and the date it was accessed. marketing concepts and strategies.