APA Critical Analysis: Teaching Students How to Learn Vol. 31, No. 6, June 2000 In? Teaching Students How to Learn? it showed the correlation between high-achieving students and their self monitoring in classes. The article goes on to say that unlike high school, college students do not have the regulation in their classes. A lot of the students do not know how to learn and set goals for themselves. Those students who highly monitor themselves tend to also have higher academic success. The article goes on to suggest that professors teach the students how to learn for themselves and set goals.

Professors say that with the amount they must already teach there is not enough time to through in this new material. It is beneficial for college students to learn to learn, but many students lack the motivation behind this. A major problem with the study is looking at the motivation of the students. Many students are in college just for the good times, and not looking at the educational aspects. It should not be on the professors shoulders to baby-sit their students. A separate class could be offered on learning to learn for students wishing to take it whom are wanting to become higher achievers.