: I'm not really speaking in first or second hand but... Many brothers and sisters tend to act like we deserve a break in society. The main reason because "our people" were enslaved and brought over here to the U.S. Now frankly, in my generation I did not go through what my ancestors and my older generations of family went through. I am only 19 years old. But talking to all of my family, my mother and father experienced the extreme racism. But my older siblings and I were able to produce from the result of the Civil Rights movement.

It is good to look back on the past and learn from our mistakes, but in the same instance I never had to suffer for it. All I can give to those that did suffer is the power to obtain knowledge and use it to achieve in my everyday life and in college where I now reside. Those people that suffered, gave us, the offspring a chance to really obtain the " American Dream". I know that there are still some racism and there is still a system that that won't allow you to gain anything. But how can black people scream for power when we abuse it just like any other ethnic group. Black people will tend to stick their foot out to trip you quicker than a white man.

Yes, we need black power, but first we need UNITY. We already have white supremacist trying to eradicate us. And now we are trying to kill ourselves. They don't even have to try to get us. We screw up our own chances.

Black Power used to be about pride and loving who you really are underneath the color of skin. My mother will flat out say she is racist. Why Because she has a right to be angry, but she has seen how all people are towards one another. Me I was taught that no matter what color you are there is always someone out there trying to get you. But you have to see and be alert. Choose friends wisely and carefully.

But most of all don't stop living. Frankly if we had the power flipped we wouldn't be any better. There is movie called " White Man's Burden". Watch this movie because it really opens your eyes about things. Just how white people treat us today is the same way black people treat them in the movie. It will make you happy at first or sad however you view it, but in the end you feel no better than they are.

Black Power, cool. But kick some unity first. I am a mixed woman. I have a black father and a white mother. I have friends of all races, I even have gay friends.

People are people. A black person is the same as a white person. In this day and age everyone has the same problems. There are poor and starving white peolpe just as there are black. I have a boyfriend of 7 years who is a black man. I have seen racism.

But he is mature enough to know that if some white person has a problem with his skin color than they are just ignorant and not worth the time and worry. My friend just got beat up at the greek picnic in philly by a bunch of white police officers. Hes not screamin racism. Hes screamin injustice. The same thing happens to white men. I don't see no reason for black power.

I"m mixed, am I supposed to deny my mother! Racism is sick, coming from white people and black people. My very own sister was chased and almost beat up by a bunch of black guys simply because shes white, or so they thought because she is very light skinned. (I was blessed with the dark skin). So you see, racism goes both ways. The only thing a person can do is try there best.

If they don't suceed in life its their own fault. A poor person, black or white, can have a decent future if they try hard enough and their family supports them, skin color ain't got a damn thing to do with it. It's just an excuse that people use when they don't have the will to suceed.