Controlled Huck essay example

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In our English class we read the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain. How my American Dream compares to Huck's and what is holding him back and how what is holding him back from his dream compares to me is the theme. Huck wanted to be free. He wanted to do what he wanted and be how he wanted to be.

He did not want to be civilized. He did not want to follow any rules or do what anyone told him to do. One person who was trying to control him was his aunt. She wanted to civilize him, make him a gentleman, which as exactly what Huck did not want to be. What controls me and stops me from doing what I want is the law. Also, my morals and values stop me from doing things that I might want to do but that I know are wrong.

Since I am still a minor there are many things that I can not do yet. Things like voting, renting an apartment or buying a house. I can also not get a credit card or stay out past midnight even though I would like to. What controls me and what controlled Huck are different, yet the same. Huck wanted to be free. I want to be able to have more freedom.

Life is certainly different now than it was in the 1800's. What was expected of Huck and what is expected of me are different. However, there are rules and laws now just like there were back then. Life is more complicated now.

I think it was easier to live like Huck wanted to back then. It would be almost impossible now. Huck wanted to be free of all responsibilities and just live for himself. I just want more control and freedom than I have now..