The four events in the movie that effected Cromwell and England the most are the first battle, the battle at Naseby, the signing of the petition, and the beheading of King Charles. These incidents impacted Cromwell and England the most because they were significant turning points in the movie. These events were the most important to the storyline and affected the outcome of the movie. The first battle took place about fifteen miles from Oxford. The armies set a time for the battle to start. Cromwell signalled his men to attack before the set time.

His men were unorganized and were not ready for battle at this time. They lost the battle without killing a single member of the Kings army. The Kings army, even though caught off guard were able to kill many of Cromwells men. The fight was short and the outcome unfortunate for Cromwell. Cromwell changed his attitude about the war after this point, he became more aggressive, and started to become impatient with everyone. After this battle was over Cromwell started training his men so they could fight better in the next battle.

The battle at Naseby was very different from the first battle. There was no set time, Cromwell and his men charged the Kings army. Cromwells men were wearing uniforms and were organised and ready to fight. Cromwell was able to trick the enemy into following him by sounding a fake retreat, the enemy was then surrounded. Cromwells army was outnumbered by four thousand soldiers, but as a result of their training they were able to beat the Kings army. This battle was a victory and a defeat for Cromwell, he was able to beat the Kings army, but his son died in battle.

This battle was a turning point in the war, after this battle more armies kept losing to Cromwells army. When Cromwell asked all the members of parliament to sign the petition he knew he was going to be able to finally get rid of King Charles. There was a lot of bicker in between Cromwell and all the other members of parliament over the petition because they were scared that if they signed the petition that they could get in trouble. Most of the members of parliament did end up signing the petition either because they were more scared of Cromwell then they were of the king or they believed it was the right thing to do no matter what the consequences. Some of the members tried to buy out Cromwell up until the last couple moments because they didnt want to be responsible for the Kings death. This event changed all of England because it meant that there King would be executed and that they would no longer have a King because Cromwell kept denying the crown.

The death of the King was a major moment in this movie, it showed that the king stayed with what he believed until the very end. The king was snobbish and cruel and asked the executioner to remove his mask befor the king. This section of the movie also shows that Cromwell was to scared of what he did to even watch the execution, he stayed in a tower and thought about what he had done over the past several years. As a result of this event England became a Republic for a number of years before Cromwell stomped into parliament and declared himself ruler of England.