Boo!! I know that you were daydreaming. Today I am going to be talking about just that daydreaming. There are three important reasons why daydreaming is so good. 1. It relaxes you 2.

It keeps you from dieing of boredom and 3. It is known to help you to do more work. Like meditation, daydreaming allows your mind to take a break. Say, for example that you " re afraid of public speaking and your english teacher has asked you to a speech in front of 100 people. By mentally going over the steps involved e.g. walking to the front of the room, saying your speech, thanking the people for listening your mind will start to get used to the idea and when the time comes for you to say the speech you " ll be able to handle it better. If you hadn't daydreamed about it before who knows what you would " ve done when you got up on stage.

If no-one daydreamed we would all die of boredom. Imagine that you are sitting in maths class and there is still 45 minutes to go until the bell rings. Where would you be without daydreaming? Although it amy not be scientifically proven that you can actually die from boredom it still helps if you daydream because it helps to pass the time and exercise your brain.

You know how your parents and teachers are always going on at you about how you should do more work and less talking at school? A good solution to this would be to daydream. Daydreaming is known to boost productivity meaning that you do more work. It is something that you do naturally anyway so why not do it a bit more??

I hope that after you have listened to and probably daydreamed through my speech you are convinced that daydreaming is a good thing and not a bad one. I just want to tell you one more, just so that you can make up your mind. There IS such thing as daydreaming disorder and we wouldn't want you getting that (pause) or would we? ?