Many different innovations in military strategy and weaponry effected the outcome of World War II, but none so much as the development of the Atomic Bomb. The law of supply and demand has determined that when people are at war and have the nec The development of the atomic bomb was conceived towards the end of World War II when Allied Forces had already defeated Germany and Italy. Now the Allies, specifically the United States, where looking towards the opposite side of the world to the Paci The United States had expected Japan to fall much easier than Germany. After all, Japan's military was now spread out all across the Pacific; Japan had almost gotten to the point of possessing more land than they could control.

Little did the government The United States now was faced with much more than they had anticipated when they first took on Japan. Instead of a weak, spread out country of simple people they now faced a strong country of people who were willing to give their lives for their count At the Battle of Iwo Jima and at the Battle of Okinawa the Allies and Japan would be evenly matched in weaponry with very different yet both effective sets of military strategy and tactics. The United States was slightly stronger, but the Japanese ref us At the time, the United States was making a decision on whether or not to invade Japan something happened that would forever leave its mark on history. The atomic bomb was completed. This gave the United States government another option. With this inc and it will never be forgotten.

After this bomb was dropped the United States asked once more for the unconditional surrender of Japan. Their answer was simply "never". The United States had one more atom bomb which they then proceded to drop on a noth The development and use of the atomic bomb had forced Japan into what they had vowed never to do; surrender. The United States had demonstrated such a huge amount of power by detonating the atom bombs that Japan had no choice but to either surrender, o Any feedback would be greatly helpful if anyone would care to critic this paper.

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