Friendship is something that some people have an abundance of while, others strive to achieve some form of friendship. The dictionary definition of friendship states it as being: the state of being friends. The word friendship has so many hidden definitions. When I think of the word friendship I think about all the past friends that have come and gone. No matter how our friendship ended I still consider them part of my life, because when we were friends they some how changed my life. Even if it was something so simple as learning how to ride our bikes together.

They were still there and I could confide in them. Throughout time people need something that they can just let go with. And I consider the way for me to let go is with my friends. But not just any friends, friends that I know that I can trust with all my heart. Some people on the other hand have friends that only bring them down. They hang out with them just to be cool and that's how things start to go wrong.

It's almost as if the more friends that a person has the more problems they are going to have. That means more fights, more distrust amongst friends and that always leads to problems. Sometimes the word friendship can have a positive meaning and sometimes it can have a negative meaning. As do most words they can be perceived as people see them. As I make my way through life I have friendships that leave bad tastes in my mouth and others that I will remember for the rest of m life. So the definition from the dictionary leaves a little bit out of it.

As do most words in the dictionary.