In the article, Education, written by E.B. White, he tells about the subject of school-in- country vs. school-in-city. He tells us about the life of school in the country side would be like, and then he compared the life in the city side. The shift from the city school to country school was a strange way for the author and his family to accept the new environment. He and his wife never knew anything about public school before; therefore, moving to the city is something he and his wife worried about because they had no idea what it would be like to live in the new environment.

To compare the subject of school-in-country vs. school-in-city, the author described the experiences of his son in two schools. He described that schools in the city were more formal; students had to wear overalls and an old sweater. Kids would see angry bus driver's face whenever they arrived on the bus to go to school in the morning. Whenever a student got hurt, teachers and nurse would make breathless phone calls for help. Then the author described the situation in the country is much different, and it was more casual. In country schools, students dressed in corduroys, sweatshirt, and short rubber boots, and carrying a tin dinner-pail and the school was only two and a half miles down the road.

White's son usually walked home from school in the afternoon since the school was not far away from their house. However, after the author and his family lived in the city for a year, they came to accept the new environment. White's son said the difference of the two school experiences that he had were that he slept well in the country side than in the city, and school seem to go much faster in the country for him. Frankly, for me, I wanted to describe my experiences in college vs. in high school.

The shift from high school to college was something that I worried during my senior year in high school. Like the author, we didn't know how it was to be in a new environment. I felt that college life was much different than high school life after my experience in college. I honestly think that college was much harder since I was away from home. The difference between college and high school was that in college I would not meet as many times a week as I was in high school. As a result I got more homework.

In college, I had more responsibilities, and the classes were more difficult. The hardest part of my courses in college was that I had to do all my works myself with nobody telling me everyday that my homework was due at a specific time. Also, I felt that there were more materials covered in a shorter time period, so it was more study time than in high school. On top of all the academic stuff, I was responsible for housing, food, laundry, cleaning, bills, money and social life. I had to learn how to prioritize and managed my time well in college than in high school. In high school all I can say was that the situation was different, I didn't have as much freedoms and responsibilities.

In high school I had classes from Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day, and I also had break and lunch time in between. Most high school required students to wear uniforms, but luckily my high school didn't require us to wear uniform. The assignments was fairly light taste, and I could get help from my instructors anytime, unlike in college, I had to make an appointment with my instructors to see them. During my four years in high school I lived with my parents; therefore, I didn't have to worry about food, bills, money and social life, although, I had to clean the house and did the laundry.

Although as I live in college for two years now, the only difference I stumbled upon in the two school experiences was that in college I had more privacy and the courses were more interesting for me than in high school. White and I, we shared similar experiences in two difference schools. White's experience was between education at city schools and education at country schools, and my experience was between education at college and education at high school. We both had to adapt to a new environment and to the new education. Later, we came to accept the new environment. After my experiences in two school, all I can says is that students in high school should manage their time more carefully and enjoy the fun while they can.