The Lord of the Rings, is an Archetypal Myth, which includes a hero, dangerous journey into the land of evil comes to exist in the collective unconscious and becomes an addition to the way we organize our thinking about the universe and human life. The hero of the movie Frodo Baggins goes through heroic stages of his life. As a young boy he loses his innocence by realizing good versus evil, sacrifice for the sake of destiny, temptation of power and fortunate to have many teachers and friendship. The Lord of the Rings tells us the importance of being human through Frodo. As the voyage is taking place Frodo a hobbit, a bread of people from the shire, short, harmless, unaware of evil and cheerful people is awakened in by an evil threat of the dark lord. The dark lord Sauron has gathering an army and is in search for his ring.

As Bilbo announces his departure from the Shire, Frodo inherits the ring and accepts the ring without knowing the evil and the fate of the band. The loss of innocence begins when Gandalf the wizard, reveals the story of the ring, allowing Frodo to be aware of the elements of evil. Gandalf acknowledges Frodo to accept the consequences of accepting the ring as an act of fate. The cost of inexperience, is embarked throughout the movie, Frodo takes adventure out of the shire, becoming a leader of the Fellowship, accepting the quest of the ring -bearer, taking the quest alone with his companion Sam to land of Mordor after the contravention of the fellowship and realizing the nature of good versus evil. He knows evil lurks the ring for the halo is created by greed, power, envy, darkness and disloyalty. On the other hand good is with him as a hobbit, and with him by his side through Gandalf the Wiseman, Aragorn's loyalty, the council of Elrond who accepted his proposal of quest and whispers and the gift from Earendill from the elves.

Evil is portrayed in the movie has darkness, fire, seductive, power, animalism, killing of nature through ripping of the trees from its roots and greed. In contrast good is revealed as nature, pure, divine, moderate, culture and the gathering of different races to unite for one cause to destroy the ring. Making countless sacrifices throughout the film Frodo displays by letting go of: his home to save them and middle-earth from Sauron, the fellowship of the ring to finish the quest once they were breaking up and of dreams he once had to fulfill others. He once thought of being on an adventure with Bilbo but realized he had his own destiny that he freely accepted by becoming the ring-bearer during the council of Elrond.

Knowing that if he cannot accomplish the task of destroying the ring in the midst of evil no one can for he was the appointed one. The control of the ring has a will of it's own, evil. Before the ring was known to man there were many rings offered by Sauron to the middle-earth. Three rings were given to the elves, the dwarfs received seven and nine were given to the race of men above all which are known as the black riders but they were all deceived for another ring was created, "master ring" which ruled them all. The ring lures to people who envy power, the eye of Sauron awaits for you to put on the ring for he and his black riders can locate the ring and the possessor.

When Frodo and the other hobbits, Sam, Merry and Pip begin there Journey out of the Shire they are found underneath a tree hiding from the black rider who brings and signifies pure evil. Frodo is tempted is tempted and feels the seductiveness of the ring but is surcease by his good friend Sam. The difference between Frodo and other ring bearers is that Frodo goes to the ring when he is scared and of using the power of not being seen to run and hide. The influence of the ring causes disloyalty between Frodo and Bilbo when Bilbo ask to try the ring one more time, confrontation between Frodo and Boromir because Boromir sees the power of the ring as the ultimate tool of triumph. Bilbo and Boromir are disobedient at times, which allows seductiveness of the ring to take their free will and cause evil to conquer within the soul. Frodo has an opportunity during his quest to have the finest of teachers and friends.

In the shire he has the inherits the ring from Bilbo and other items that save his life down in the journey the vest and a sword made by the elves, his friends who take the journey with him Pip and Merry who become decoys and are captured to give enough time for Frodo to escape and continue his journey, Sam who never leaves is sight and almost drowns to be by his side. He also receives knowledge and friendship from the wise Gandalf who encourages and shows trust in the hobbit.