There were many differences between the Christians and the Romans religion. The Romans believed and worshiped many different Gods. They thought that in order to be on the Gods' good side, they had to perform rituals. They believed that if the Gods were happy then they would leave the people in peace.

If any bad things were to occur, it would only mean that the Gods were unhappy about something or someone, causing the Roman people to be very dependent on these Gods. The Christians believed that there is only one true God. Jesus was considered to be some sort of God and was sent by the one true God as a human being, which was very different from the Roman religion because their Gods were all mythological. Since Jesus was sent in human form, the people were able to identify and understand him better. Unlike the Roman religion, the people were also able to communicate with their God.

The Christians were able to turn to their God for help by praying in order to help a loved one who's ill or in danger. In Roman religion, the people only had rituals to prevent the Gods from getting angry. Although there were many differences, there are also some similarities between these two religions. These two religions both worshiped a higher being (s) and insured that these Gods were kept happy.

Also, they both had a type of worshipping ground, for example, the Romans had temples and the Christians had churches. In conclusion, these two religions had many differences and many similarities but the main focus is that these two religions kept peace within these societies. Whether it is one God or many, they will always play a big role in society.