Different symbolism The Great Gatsby is enhanced by the great number of symbols in the story. The story is revolved around symbols which represent different things. There are three types of symbols color, object, name symbols. Each symbol represents a different kind of situation in the story. The color represents all colors that are involved in the story, each color has its own meaning in the story. Object symbols explain the person himself and his situation in the story.

Name symbols give the inner meaning of the person and how the name is related to the character. Color symbolizes a lot in the story. In the story you see excessive use of colors. The first most clear color symbol is white which doesn't express the purity but the false purity and goodness in the people. The next is gray, valley of ashes, which expresses the lack of spirit in that area. The green shows the hope of a new start, or to work for something.

Red is death, or blood. Yellow expresses the corruptness in society and dishonest behavior in society. Also yellow represents the coward image of characters. The objects that are represented in the story are very interesting. Most obvious is West Egg and East Egg which are described as white from the outside which represents purity and the yellow inside which is the rotten part. Owl eyes is the person who is all knowing in this book from the start.

When he was first introduced he was introduced very positively. Cars had a big role in The Great Gatsby, they symbolized the status of the person and the careless and there reckless personality. In summer was the boiling part of the novel and conflict, where everything was told. Flowers symbolize everything in the great Gatsby grace, beauty and love. Names express what the person is and his back round.

For the Gatsby, Gat means pistol, and he was murdered by one. Daisy is a white flower, and that is how she was in the whole story Jordan is a non-gender name, in the story she didn't act like she was supposed to, she would go golfing which isn't suited for a women back then. These were the most common symbols used in The Great Gatsby. They made the story more interesting because you have to look for the inner meaning of the word not only the outside meaning of it.