The author is Michael Crichton, and the book is The Lost World. Many people have read this book, along with its predecessor, Jurassic Park, and many people have been enthralled with the thought of living dinosaurs in the 20th century. "What if the dinosaurs did not become extinct What if they still exist" (The Lost World takes off a couple years after the first book. A separate island is discovered, an island where the dinosaurs were actually created.

There are two different research groups sent to the island. One to observe the dinosaurs in the wild and the other to bring them back for research purposes. The fighting starts from there. What many people don't know, is that these books, along with countless other Crichton works, contain many of the same themes. One of these themes is that Technology will backfire if it is taken for granted. Also, he says that power corrupts those who possess it.

Chaos and randomness rule the world. Nothing can be predicted, and nothing is as it seems. Last and not least, mother nature sits above all else. Technology plays a key role in many parts of society in today's world.

Computers run everything from huge assembly lines to the light switch. Some hard-core proof that technology will backfire is the Year 2000 bug (Y 2 K). The Y 2 K bug will make many computers not work properly, and in many cases, they will shut down completely. The problem stems back some 50 years, to when the first computers were being made. It could have been fixed in the 1970's, but nobody figured out that it would be a problem until a few years ago.

People have taken for granted the use of computers for many years now, and only now will people realize that we can't depend upon new technology so much. This is exactly what Michael Crichton means in The Lost World. The peopl who were designing the dinosaurs didn't realize how powerful the dinosaurs really were, and the dinosaurs took over the island. Now the dinosaurs had all of the power.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely". (MacBeth, William Shakespeare, Act) Shakespeare was absolutely right. Power does corrupt those who have it. It can't be confirmed that the dictators that make it in to office are psychos beforehand, but the power probably makes their greed a little worse. Bill Clinton and countless other world leaders have abused their power. In The Lost World, a company called InGen literally holds the power of life in its hands.

InGen recreated real dinosaurs, which had previously been extinct for hundreds of millions of years. They had the power, and then they abused it by trying to make some money. If they had just gone about the research no one would have been hurt, and everything would have worked out in the end, but the power consumed them. "Hammond was a hustler, and his true talent was raising money... He built his park in an island called Isla Nub lar, ... but the park system broke down, and the dinosaurs got free". (Lost World pg. 209) Crichton seems to view mathematics in a certain way.

His character Ian Malcolm has his Chaos Theory, and according to this theory, certain things cannot be explained or predicted. The dinosaurs on the island were supposed to die off without a certain chemical, but they lived anyway. That is a perfect example of the chaos theory. It just can't be explained.

They only engineered female animals, because they didn't want these animals to be reproducing, but somehow they changed genders, and procreated. These were all just examples of nature. The last theme is that Crichton wants nature to be above all else. He believes that nature is best left alone, and if it has worked for billions of years, it will continue to work if we don't fool around with it. Dinosaurs were living millions of years ago, and they became extinct for a reason. "Evolution doesn't always act like a blind force should".

(Lost World pg. 207) No one really knows that reason. Who are we, as humans, to decide what to bring back to life The dinosaurs lived naturally for seven years on Isla Sorn a, and no one knew that they existed. When they were discovered, the dinosaurs were seen living naturally for the first time by humans. The Tyrannosaurs had children, and were more calm and laid back than previously thought. When a human went into the nest, the Tyrannosaurs were terrified by what might happen to their young. They attacked with ferocity previously unseen by human eyes.

Michael Crichton felt that nature needed to be left alone, and he communicated this point through the passive attitude of the dinosaurs in the wild, and the aggressive attitude with humans around. Obviously, Michael Crichton has voiced his concerns about today's society with his themes in The Lost World. One of his main concerns was that technology will backfire if it is taken for granted. He also showed that power can corrupt those who possess it. This theme goes hand in hand with chaos and randomness controlling the world. Mother Nature rules the world, is another theme that Crichton proves in The Lost World.

Crichton has proved that there are many themes in his books that show how he feels society is moving. He thinks that his themes should be looked at closely, for they can help society in the future.