Based on neo-nazi ideas, the university was obsessed with the creation of a new race of perfect flawless human beings. These would not only have to be bright, intelligent and excellent athletes, but also with no physical or mental disabilities. If they didn't have these qualities, natural selection kicked in and they were exterminated. In the first place, the university scientists used dogs as lab rats to conduct tests on the different gene combinations to get the right match. They put them in cages, tried experimental injections and surgeries on them and manipulated their fetuses. Secondly, they selected each of the teachers and students with the best genes and skills and made them get married.

Then, their children would be genetically improved and would also get married to another students or teachers child. In order to accomplish and encourage these marriages, the university obliged the chosen couples to sit in front of the other in the library during their careers. As a result, they would end up getting to know each other and sharing along the years. But once this circle of intermarriages ran out of people with new genes to combine, they started to get married among themselves and the same genes were mixed. Consequently, their kids began to be born with different disabilities such as blindness, malformation, etc.

They had achieved to create the perfect brain, yet it was inside a handicap body. Thirdly, the university hospital doctors started to exchange the Alps peasants' babies, that were born there, for the teachers disabled babies. So, the peasants believed their child had been born with a disability. And at the same time the university got healthy strong genes, used to doing physical exercise and hard labor, to experiment (play) with. Finally, these babies were adopted by the teachers and ended up in the intermarriage chain having "perfect" kids. All in all, I believe that in this case the end doesn't justify the means to get it.

Playing to be God by manipulating genes, forced intermarriage and exchanging babies to reach utter perfection is a clear sign of insanity. Of course, each of us has a different concept of what perfection means for us. Isn't imperfection, as well as the need to pursue excellence, what makes us human beings? If perfection has to be reached, it will be, but in a natural way and by changing our way of thinking, loving and treating others..