Dr King And Dr Sampson essay example

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My person is the wonderful and, the late Dr. Frederick G. Sampson. He was the pastor of our church, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. He was a father figure to me and many other children in our church. Every Sunday, Dr. Sampson would always give many of us children hugs and kisses after his sermons.

Dr. Sampson's appearance was a very tall, athletic, black man with brown eyes and bald head in his later years. He always loved to help people with their problems because he was a wise man of God. One time he helped a homeless person on the streets and now the person goes to church and is saved because of Dr. Sampson's wisdom. In my life, Dr. Sampson most reflects Dr. King's dream of non-violence and equality for all because of his genuine love for people and God.

The similarities of Dr. King and Dr. Sampson are that they were preachers and pastors who achieved their goals to help other people fight for equality in the world. They both were wonderful men of their people and they did their best to serve God. Dr. King marched for his freedom, but Dr. Sampson stood for freedom. They both helped people in their own way.

Both Dr. King and Dr. Sampson died a violent death. Dr. King was killed violently and Dr. Sampson fought a battle with cancer. Dr. Sampson's accomplishments were to be a true and wise man of God and a good friend to all. He is still loved now!