Dynamic And Interesting Field essay example

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My contribution to society. For several years I have been wondering how the world would be if people lived healthier and longer lives, could take precautions against all forms of diseases, or had access to preventive medicines. This dream is the motivating force behind my future career choice of becoming a pharmacist. I love the science of pharmacy, and the fact that I can help a very large number of people with it. The wide variety within the field, and unlimited options for growth and advancement make it even more flexible and suitable for me. I am particularly interested in pharmaceutical research because this dynamic field would continually challenge and motivate me to improve, since the world of diseases is ever changing, and new treatments must be discovered at a similar pace to optimally sustain human life.

My passion for Pharmacy was ignited at the tender age of twelve, when I lost my first and closest godmother to breast cancer. She had been through several months of treatment in the best French hospitals, and various sessions of chemotherapy to fight the disease. My family invested so much into her health to ensure that she wins the battle, but she got weaker over time as her body succumbed to cancer. She breath her last immediately after our final conversation, in which she told me her dreams and wishes for me. She commended my philanthropic nature, and talent in the sciences, and then gave me her blessings for success in whatever field I choose to study in the future, or decisions I make. My godmother's death has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with in the past few years, leaving a void and pain within me, that I wish no other person would suffer.

It motivated me to participate in cancer research, and contribute all I can to save as many people worldwide as possible, in the least painful or expensive way. I have heard people say discouraging things about Pharmacy, but I remain unshaken for the hands-on exposure, and inspiring work experience I acquired in a 'P-fizer' laboratory a few months before enrolling in college, assured me that I was born to do it. I also attended several seminars and spoke to pharmacists at different functions and events, who gave me a deeper insight into the profession. I would like to contribute to, or be a part of one of those research groups that would discover the cure for cancer, AIDS, or any of the presently incurable diseases.

During my career as a pharmacist, I would also like to find solutions to the most delicate health issues, or health related problems affecting people all around the world. This is my strongest interest because I believe it is fundamental to the World's health. I want to achieve efficiency and access, without sacrificing quality. The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which is well known for research, and specialized in the sciences, would help me achieve my goal of becoming a pharmacist through the specialize coursework offered as part of its pre-pharmacy program.

The most challenging issues in studying for the profession, that sometimes make my goals seem way out of reach to me, are some of the pre-requisite courses, especially the mathematics courses that I have to take before enrolling in Pharmacy school. I have several times found myself overwhelmed by the level of difficulty of my present calculus course, but the tutors and school counselors get me back on track with their encouraging words of advice, and help. In my moments of weakness, I also tell myself that 'I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me', a Bible verse I was taught by my Christian parents back in Africa, from where I came to acquire an education that could be of great benefit to humanity. I welcome the challenge of serving the entire human race, and embrace the chance to make a living from doing what I love the most in a respectable job, while participating in such a dynamic and interesting field. Pharmaceutical research is my future career choice, for it provides these priceless offers in the perfect package, and keeps the human heritage everlasting and ever sure.