The Value of a College Education "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest". -Benjamin Franklin. The past has shown that a college education is one of the most valuable possessions anyone can have. In both learning ability as well as earning ability, a college education is worth every cent you put into it.

You are able to get so much more out of life than if you just stop after high school. With a college education, individuals have better job opportunities, make more money, develop skills and knowledge, and have a better physical and mental life Job Opportunities Since the world is changing quickly, and many jobs depend on technology, more and more jobs are requiring higher education. If two people go into a company for the same job opening, the one that has the high education is most likely going to get it. The job market is getting harder and harder. For most companies, people need to be proficient in technology. Technology is our future as well as our present.

Technology driven jobs are getting more popular. Because they are in such high demand, technology positions are popping up everywhere. With a college education you have more jobs to choose from. From the mediocre to the big time, more positions for jobs are available to someone with a higher education.

Instead of just picking from the bottom of the barrel for positions, individuals are able to choose from many types of jobs and make some descent money. College education enables people not to have to start at the very bottom of the company and work their way to the top. Those with higher education can choose a job that requires less schooling, while those with only a high school diploma cannot choose a job that requires a college degree. Furthermore, there is often more mobility in terms of where people can find jobs nationally and internationally. Money People who go to college usually earn more money than those who do not.

From the US Census Bureau of 1998, the graph on the next page shows that graduates have higher earnings than those with less education. On average high school graduates were earning $22,895 while those who had a bachelor's degree were earning $40,478 (web). If you received a higher degree than a bachelor's degree, your average earnings were considerably higher. By going to college you give yourself the opportunity to make some considerable amount of money. The more college you have the more money you can make. Even though some people think that money is the most important thing in the world, there is more to life than just making big bucks.

With a college education you are able to be more job flexible as discussed in the previous paragraph. Skills and Knowledge When someone goes on with their education, they gain valuable skills and knowledge. With every class somebody takes, they are learning a new and useful skill. Like at the University of Phoenix, you gain skills that you can apply to your work the next day. When someone is able to learn a skill quickly and have a rapid turnaround, he / she is more useful to the company. Being able to learn skills quickly enables a person to be a valuable asset to his or her employment.

People are able to receive more promotions when they have skills and knowledge of duties that are important to their place of business. Skills and knowledge opens the doorway to bigger and better things. When you are able to be familiar with and carry out more work, the boss usually notices that. This could lead to a pay increase or advancement in the company.

Physical Life Attending college helps people with their physical self. If someone attends college, they are able to get better jobs where they can get medical insurance. They are healthier and generally happier. College graduates are also more satisfied with their lives. They feel like they have accomplished a lot and feel motivated.

Graduates also want to accomplish a lot more than just getting a college degree. They take on more challenges in life. Nothing can stop them. Higher education can be one of the best possible investments that you can make. College also brings you in contact with people, contacts, ideas, and experiences you might otherwise never have encountered. College is a great way to make contacts.

You can network yourself and possible find a doorway to a great career job. You also learn to think critically and communicate your thoughts clearly in speech and in writing. Being able to speak and write correctly enables you to look and sound professional. Individuals with a college degree, on average, are healthier and more likely to be employed.

They generally enjoy a better quality of life. Individuals vote and volunteer, and their children are also more likely to want to earn a college education. In conclusion, people can never go wrong with a college education. College education gives someone better job opportunities, more moneymaking ability, added skills and knowledge, and an improved physical and mental life. Even when individuals cannot afford to go to college, there is always a way to find money. Financial aid is a wonderful way to be able to go to college when you funds are low.

Higher education unlocks doors to economic and educational opportunities. Earning a college education provides a lifetime of rewards. The level of education will also determine your lifestyle. If you want the finer things in life, you are going to get the highest degree that you can get. A college education, unlike most other consumer purchases like a car, will appreciate in value, not depreciate.


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