Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on Jan. 19, 1809, he died on Oct. 7, 1849 in Baltimore. Poe lived with his parents, David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins. They were both touring actors. They both died before he was 3 years old. His father left him when he was a little boy and his mother past away when he was 3. He was taken into the home of John Allan after his mother died.

John was merchant in Richmond, Virginia. Edgar Allan Poe childhood was uneventful, although he studied for 5 years in England. In 1826 he entered the University of Virginia but stayed for only a year. Although a good student, he ran up large gambling debts that John Allan refused to pay.

Allan didn't let him go back to the university. He also didn't allow Poe to engage Sarah Elmira Royster. Later in Poe's life he enlisted in the army without any support. However he had already written and printed his first book. The name of the book was Tamerlane and Other Poems.

Temporarily reconciled, Allan secured Poe's release from the army and his appointment to West Point but refused to provide financial support. After 6 months Poe apparently contrived to be dismissed from West Point for disobedience of orders. Edgar Allan Poe is important because he wrote a lot of books that a lot of people read. He wrote from his heart and soul.

He wrote about his life and his experiences. His life was all about his wife / cousin. He married his 13 year old cousin and he was.