This is a very visually impressive film which deals primarily with the turmoil created when an outsider enters a small suburban community. Edward has lived alone for the most part of his life and is unfamiliar with the social conventions the inhabitants of the small village take for granted. He is ruled by the heart and not by convention and this causes him to create unrest. The village is shown as a very standardised life where the only real variations are the colours - the houses are all the same, the cars are all the same. On one level this deals with the difficulties faced by disabled people in society and the misunderstandings and alienation that can occur. The way edward is not really listened to but only talked at by the father of his adopted home is a funny yet tragic moment It also highlights the bizar nature of social convention as the small village tends to look and feel more unreal than the gothic castle edward lives.

The film cleverly uses the horror movie plot at the start when edward is first 'discovered' and changes to a heartfelt fantasy through the middle and finally closes with the typical horror film which hunt by the housewives of the village. The story though is not meant to be taken as fact as it is told in the form of a fairy tale. Its purpose is to highlight certain aspects of life wich in most circumstances remain ignored. The film has a sad ending in the fact that edward is doomed to spend the rest of his life alone in his castle but this seams to be the best place for him as, against his own sensitive nature, he has the capability of causing much harm to his friends and loved ones.