Ellen And Kate essay example

272 words
The essay i am going to be applying will be in full readiness when i have completed it within a school project. My one true thing essay will cover character styles such as George, Ellen and Kate. THe main book is on ELlen, therefore my essay and question is likely to be on ellen also. There will be numerous numbers of themes such as Gender roles, Euthanasia, death and loss etc. Characters and themes and issues will be the main topics that i will cover within my analysis / essay. The essay will be completed within time, i have to plan it out, then prepare the paragraphs and links.

The essay will also cover characters who werent that main within the book, such as, Jonathan, Ellens boyfriend, Ellens two brothers Jeff and her other brother. Also Dr Cohn and Ellen's councillor as they all play important roles within the book. Also factors about how ellen was feeling, she would describe dark and sad feelings when the weather was blue, cold, stormy etc. When she was happier everythign else seemed brighter and happy. I will include after he mother died, how ellen felt and the relationships that occured after Kate died, between the famil and also the town.

The town began to gossip about ellen and decided that it was ellen that killed her mother. The gossip continued, as it was a small country town, there was an upper class and a lower class, everyone then came together after this huge incident. This will also be discussed within the text.