Ellie And Madison With The Same Birthday essay example

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The Summerhouse By: Jude Deveraux The Main Characters: Leslie Head rick: A stubborn housewife and mother of one boy and one girl. Living in Columbus, Ohio. She used to be a dancer. Ellie Abbott: A famous best selling novelist. She grew tired of supporting her husband they had a divorce and he took all her money. Ellie sees a therapist Jeanne who came up with the plan for the three best friends to spend their 40th birthday with each other in a summerhouse (Jeanne's Summerhouse) in Maine.

Madison Appleby: Madison used to be a model but dropped her modeling career to help her high school boyfriend recover from an accident. Plot: Three best friends Leslie, Ellie, and Madison with the same birthday meet each other in a DMV office in New York. There they shared their past secrets and hopes for the future with each other also on that day they shared their 21st birthday with each other. After that they went their separate ways.

Nineteen years later Madison and Leslie received an invitation from Ellie. The invitation was for the three of them to spend a long weekend in a summerhouse in a tiny town in Main. During their stay in Maine they bought gifts to celebrate their birthday and souvenirs. In the items they bought they each found a card from a Madame Zoya offering them the chance of a lifetime to relive any three weeks from the past. When they went to the Madame Zoya she took a picture of them and then each of them decided for themselves as they fallow their dreams that got away. Each chooses the life that will truly satisfy the longings the live deep inside their hearts.

When they return they have a choice. If they did not like the life they choose they could stick with their old life and still know everything that happened or they could go with their new like and erase everything they know or still know everything that happened. Madison went back to October 9, 1981 because she wanted to pursue her modeling career. Ellie went back three years, seven months, and two weeks ago because she would have like to return earlier so she'd have more time to gather evidence. Leslie went back to April of 1980, the year before she graduated college, because she wanted to meet a boy she hadn't see in twenty years. After they all spent their three weeks in the past they choose which life they would like and wheatear or not they wanted to remember their old or new life.

Madison chooses her new life as a doctor and to forget everything in her old life. Ellie choose her new life and wanted to remember everything in her old life. Leslie chooses her old like and wanted to remember everything in her new life. They live an exquisite life after that.

Favorite Scene: At the end of the story Ellie, Leslie, and Madison went to Madam Zoya to thank her for what she did. When they went the place where Madame Zoya was a lady named Primrose answered the door and she said she lived there all her life and she has never heard of a Madame Zoya. Although they did not know the Primrose she invited them in for a cup of tea and they told Primrose they wanted to thank Madame Zoya and tell her about their new life. After they all left Primrose went into her secret room pulled back a curtain and place three new pictures of Ellie, Leslie, and Madison. Primrose compared the picture she took at the beginning with the recent ones and she could see the sadness gone from their eyes.