eminem borned and raised in detroit. He is the only white rapper to got 4 times. He is 26 married to Kim and his lie girl haley. He has been sued over 47 times for a total of 23 million. He is clear one of the best rappers of any race out thee today. He is worth of 150 million him and dre combined make the best producer and artist out there today.

Eminem has started to give back to his boys by starting the group D-12 including Bia zere, pr off were his boys all his life. Just because most people don agree with all the things he wires about and raps about dont cut him credit he has 2 successful single albums and 1 as a producer and on june 6 his movie 8 miles and his a blum will be coming out both gonna bring him a lot of success. His real name is Marshal Mathers. He has 9 tattoo including the D for. With eminem now have completion with Bubba Spar being another white rapper there is hope for all white people who is trying to make it. As for my thought i fell that eminem and bubba should do an a blum together and name it just a couple of white people.

Them two together would be a better tag team duo than Snoop and Dre don get me wrong snoop and dre have ripped it in the past just these day its eminem and bubba's turn. Them to together would be some crazy shut. Just vitalize the tour eminem be in made ghetto and bubba just being his red neck self im sain it would be crazy and with dre still be in em's producer and tim be in bubba's producer just one song with all 4 of them work in on it together would be sick im say in i no i would play the shut out of it.