3 a. All managers are working managers, I assume that this is meant to build esprit de corps, but to wouldnt this be a little intimidating for the young college grad, to have Mr. Goodnight or Mr. Sall on your working group. some this could undermine For example: . In computer manuals, SAS lists the name of the software developers who wrote the code. 3 b. Growth in the data warehousing market has over 50. Competitor Hyperion is restructuring after losing approximately $31 million last year and laying off about 300 employees.

Competitor Cognos lost 400 employees and claims their major competition is Peoplesoft types of software. SAS has developed a software that allows the user to better navigate, identify and organize data without being Peoplesoft experts. owners, James Goodnight and John Sall to implement policy without shareholder intrusion. 1 c. The way it does business, SAS places a large emphasis on three things: employees, customers, and products. Employees and customers, are surveyed every year. The company says that "80% of the suggestions for product improvements that customers make most frequently eventually find their way into the software.

SAS tilts 30% or more of its revenue back into R&D which is 50% more than any other software company of its size". The company believes in giving the consumer what he or she wants. 1d. Benefits. This company has the largest on- site day care in North Carolina, offers an unlimited amount of sick days, a cafeteria that has baby seats and high chairs to encourage families to eat lunch together. A seven hour work day encourages families to eat dinner together, most people are off by 5 p.m.

The company also offers elder care coordinators for employees who's parents are aging and in need of care. Personal massages, yoga classes, same sex or separate sex, workout facilities with next day laundry services. By supporting work and life's balances SAS has created an environment where employees can focus on their jobs and the companies goals. 1 e. Low employee turnover.

This is where the benefits pay off. SAS has a turnover of approximately 130 workers per year about 8%, vice 1,000 about 25% of employees. for an average software company of its size. SAS saves in the amount of money spent recruiting new employees. Being that the cost of training a new worker costs between 1 and 2.5 times the salary of the open job. Amounting to about 68 million dollars per yr. The company is able to give approximately an extra $12,500 dollars to employees in benefits.