Jean Chr " etien As the Prime Minister of Canada, most of Jean Chr " etien's life has been spent in the limelight. He was born in Shawinigan, Quebec, a small town where little English is spoken. Back then no one would have guessed that Chr " etien would one day become the prime minister of this great nation. Chr " etien has been a great leader for Canada. An example of his great leadership skills is when he backed the Canadian citizens for not joining the United States into going to war with Iraq.

Although he has increased the national deficit tremendously, Chr " etien remains to be a good leader for Canada. Many prime ministers have came and gone, but Jean Chr " etien was there to stay. Although many people do not want him to be in power now, he will not step down. Joseph-Jacques Jean Chr " etien was born on January 11, 1934, in the town of Shawinigan, Quebec. He was born the 18th out of the 19 children, of 9 whom had survived, to Wellie Chr " etien and Marie Bois vert-Chr " etien. Although Chr " etien was born with a birth defect that left his face distorted and made him deaf in one ear, this did not stop him from being an aspiring and enthusiastic young politician.

In his younger days, Chr " etien used to help distribute pamphlets for his father, a Liberal organizer. Chr " etien's father, a machinist at a local mill, took other jobs, such as a Liberal organizer, to help get his children into college. Chr " etien has always had a passion for politics. He studied law at the Laval University. Jean Chr " etien was first called to the bar in 1958 to represent Qu " ebe c. He was first elected to the House of Commons in 1963.

Since Chr " etien first entered the House of Commons, he has worked with well known politicians such as former Prime Ministers Lester Pearson, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and John Turner. Due to his extensive work with former Prime Minister, the late Pierre Trudeau, Chr " etien has learned a lot about how to lead a country. Chr " etien inherited not only a love for politics from his father, but also his hardworking demeanour. This makes Chr " etien a strong and motivated leader, who works hard for the wellbeing of Canada Chr " etien has won the hearts of most Canadians by not going into war with Iraq.

If Chr " etien were to go in for another term, many would vote for him. In this case, Chr " etien has put his country first, instead of agreeing with the United States for war, by thinking of what his country wants, not in what he as a leader would want. The Chr " etien government has also followed the orders of the United Nations, by going against the American war against Iraq. If large countries like Canada do not listen to the United Nations, the United Nations would be powerless. Canada is not taking part in the United States war in Iraq because Canada has no reason to be fighting. The Americans are the ones who are going into war and are the worlds "superpower" and can basically do anything they would want to do.

By Chr " etien not backing the United States, Canada is asserting that, although it realizes that the United States is a bigger and powerful country, and we need them economically, we will not support them if they are doing wrong. Canada desists to go into war without the consent of the United Nations Security Council. The government of Canada is concerned with the safety of all Canadians. I want to assure everyone that we are continuing to take all necessary measures to protect Canadians and ensure our security. We are working closely with American authorities to ensure that our border crossings remain safe and efficient.

We think about the safety and security of our troops who are performing indispensable tasks in the fight against international terrorism in the Gulf region. (Jean Chr " etien, 2003) This quote show how Jean Chr " etien is a good leader and is not going to take action without the approval of the United Nations. He is working for the well being of Canada, but will not stop conversing with the United States because of not going into war. Like all great politicians, Chr " etien has opposition, and his opposition thinks Chr " etien has made a mistake by not joining the Americans in their war.

The opposition, the Progressive Conservative Party, thinks the Chr " etien government has made a mistake by not taking part with the United States war against Iraq. The opposition party feels that Chr " etien himself is cutting ties with our neighbours and number one source of trade. Since Canada first became a country, it has always depended on the United States economically. Whether it is our lumber industry or the fish industry, our major trade has been with the United States. Many of the Canadian job industry rely on the United States market. Without the United States, Canada's economy would be a lot lower than it already is.

Many think it is time for Jean Chr " etien to step down as a leader, who has been in power since 1993. Chr " etien has been in politics for quite some time now, but under the constant pressuring of members from his own party, has decided to resign from politics forever in February 2004. "I have taken into account my duty to protect for my successors the integrity of the office I hold from the Canadian people, an office that is non-negotiable", he said. "Here is my conclusion.

I will not run again". (Jean Chr " etien, 2002) By saying this, Chr " etien officially declares that he is stepping down from politics for good and will not try to run again. Hopefully, the next Prime Minister Canada has will be able to live up to the calibre Jean Chr " etien has set. Jean Chr " etien's good qualities outweigh his bad ones. Chr " etien has maintained this wonderful country of ours as a great nation worldwide.

Since Chr " etien took office in 1993, Canada has never come upon a threat. Under Chr " etien's regime, Canada has been seen in the world as a peace country. We may not be a big superpower like the United States, but Canada does have a say in the going on of the world, and us Canadians live in a country that we can be proud of, indefinitely.