"Safety in Hurricanes " Hurricanes are one of the most damaging forces of nature. These tropical storms, with possible winds speeds of over eighty miles per hour, have the potential to destroy millions... including you. Which is why I write to you, the population of Southern Florida, in hopes of informing you about the dangers of hurricanes. Many precautions have been taken in the past. Though, some safety measures are unreliable.

Having the attitude of " Oh... what are the chances of a hurricane hitting me?" or " What are the odds of that happening to me?" will not surpass as a justification for not taking the proper precautions. The fact is hurricanes give very little warning time and it is absolutely necessary that you clean your house and yard, make plans for evacuation of family members, and get flood insurance. One of the most important safety steps is cleaning around your house, because materials in your yard can serve as missiles. The possible three hundred to four hundred mile span of the average hurricane can transform objects such as dead tree limbs, playground equipment, and any other "loose" materials in your yard into deadly projectiles targeted at your house. That is why it is important to cut dead limbs as well as trim back any weak limbs. Along with objects in your yard, your have can become hazardous during a hurricane.

To insure the inhabitant's safety, boarding windows to avoid "shooting" glass is very essential. I would suggest permanent shutters, though this can become very expensive. Another alternative is using sheets of one-half inch plywood. Secondly, you should make evacuation plans for your family members.

Planning an evacuation route is simple. You can call local emergency management offices and determine the quickest, safest route to a shelter. Though, make sure you create an evacuation plan for you pets. Pets may not be allowed into emergency shelters for health and space reasons.

You can call your local humane society regarding local animal shelters. Overall, you should be ready to drive twenty to fifty miles away to a shelter so make sure you are supplied with ample gasoline. Hurricanes bring floods inland. Every person living in southern Florida should look into flood insurance. Like I said earlier, you should not have the attitude of " It will never happen to me.".. because it can, it is called Murphy's Law and it states that what ever you think is least likely to happen will happen. You can call the National Flood Insurance Program through your local insurance agent or through an emergency management office.

You will be thankful when you have flood insurance to pay for any damages, whether it be a fallen tree or your entire house in submerged in water. A recent hurricane that obliterated St. Andrews caused thirty billion dollars in damages. Astonishingly, many people did not have flood insurance. All in all, hurricanes have torn families and homes apart. If you clean your house and yard, make plans for evacuation of family members, and get flood insurance you will not suffer the tribulations accompanied by the formidable forces of hurricanes. Do not become another victim of these destructive storms.