Let's Talk About Sex In the essay "The Future of Modesty" Shal it believes that our culture has sexualized everything and now people are rebelling against this idea. In our culture sex is used to sell everything, from T.V. shows to gum to football. Our country has moved to having everything sexualized and people want to rebel against it but don't. All across America, people watch the same television shows every night.

No matter what show you watch, it is guaranteed that you will be exposed to sexual content. It could be actual sex taking place or it could be comments or remarks that discuss sex somewhat vulgarly. America has become numb to sex; it is everywhere. The reason that America has become numb to sex is because big organizations realized some time ago that sex sells. Even the new action shows no longer have men as the main character.

Shows such as "Buffy" or "Dark Angel" clearly show that beautiful women sell an action show better than men. The market for sex has invaded even football, the manliest sport of all. Rebecca Grant, an amazingly beautiful woman, is the star in NFL Under the Helmet. She often makes sexual innuendos and does not dress in football garb; something more revealing is only suitable for national television.

Even cartoons intended for children have become sexualized. I watched a cartoon with my younger brother called Beast Machines. It is about the things that can change from animals to war robots. It is a typical theme for young boys. But I have never seen female robots with breasts as large and perfectly rounded like the ones in this show. Nor have I seen robots trying to seduce other robots.

Now breasts on robots really do not affect boys that much, but it is an introduction to the sexuality that they will be continually assaulted with, as they grow older or even at that age. Have you ever seen a preview of a dramatic film? Nine times out of ten, the preview will show almost every sex scene or sexual scene in the entire film. It is terrible how Hollywood almost lies to promote its film. In the previews for the movie, "Shaft", it appeared that the film would be only about sex and violence because the preview contained many explosions and sexual comments. When I watched the movie, there was not one scene containing sex.

It was just another time where filmmakers were trying to sell sex. If you watch a movie on basketball, football, war, bank robbing, cops, love, or even most comedies, you will find sexual situations or language in the film. Even the movie, "The Green Mile", which I thought was a very decent film, contained sexual scenes. The music industry has also realized that sex sells. Whether you watch MTV, VH 1, or BET, the idea that sex sells will clearly be demonstrated.

Even the lyrics of hit songs today are often about sex. Many kids look up to musical artists. When a 13-year-old Brittany Spears worshiper sees her role model in skimpy clothing, doing provocative dances, then she will want to dress and dance the same. It almost seems that rappers can't even write lyrics unless they are talking about sex, drugs or money. In fact, from listening to rap, I would say that rappers promote sex with multiple partners and the more partners the better. Steve Harvey put it best when he discussed how love songs of today only talk about sex and to get real love songs you have to go back to the seventies.

He is predominately right. Love songs got perverted with talking strictly of make-up sex, sex to show love, and sex because it feels right. Why can't a woman be shown love through music without talking about sex? Women are worth more than just someone to have sex with. Music should express the undying love one can have for another. It is clearly shown that sex has become a part of our nation.

America has become more sexualized than it was in the 80's, but I believe that there is a change going on, starting at my generation. More and more girls are saying no to sex and the idea that sleeping around is ok. Many girls are realizing that they can still be sexy without revealing every expos able portion of the body. But the problem remains: the big industries will not stop advertising sex. The nation has only become more sexualized through time, so it probably won't stop until the changing people of the nation do something about it. It is my hope that as the years go by, America will become less sexualized and begin moving towards modesty in the way people dress, talk and live.

However, this is my hope, something must stop the advertising industry from their pollutant policies first.