Excusable Ignorance Of Consequences essay example

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While I was sitting here thinking about this paper, many thoughts went through my mind or many excuses not to do this paper. Thoughts like, I'm tiered I just want to go to sleep, I'll just not go to class tomorrow and thoughts like trying to lie my way out of it, knowing that I shouldn't even be thinking that way. This example of the way I was thinking is not a substantial excuse. A excuse is the concept that under certain circumstances, people can be excused from certain actions. Do I agree with it Yes I do. I believe there is a lot of unforeseen circumstances in this world.

In today's day and time we make up a lot of excuses. Me sitting here making up reasons not to do this paper, probably goes through a lot of students heads everyday. I also feel that something that is controlled, like setting down time to study for a test or to read a chapter of homework to get ahead, then not doing it because you don't feel like it, does not make up a substantial excuse. There are four different reasons why we excuse some actions in everyday life. Excusable ignorance of consequences, Constraints, uncontrollable circumstances, and lack of alternatives.

Excusable ignorance of consequences is all about unfavorable consequences or that the person couldn't reasonably have known how to prevent the consequences. For example, today when you buy prescription drugs there are labels on the bottle telling you what not to do while you are taking these drugs. For example the great, don't operate heavy machinery or to the odds ones, prolonged exposure to sunlight might cause drowsiness. Back 20- 30 years ago doctors probably didn't know what side effects drugs had on you so therefore they shouldn't be held responsible. Not known how to prevent bad consequences we foresee may also excuse a person from a certain action. For example, if your standing on line at a movie theater and the person next to you goes into cardiac arrest and you don't know what to do, you cant be held accountable for what happens to that person.

When something comes down to a situation that you cant control it is called a Constraint. A constraint may be either external or internal. External constraint refers to outside factors. Like when a bank teller is held up at gun point and is forced to hand over his or here's money. This is a action against will.

Of course the bank teller did not want to give up the money, but he or she had not choice. Internal constraint comes from inside rather than from someone else. Craving, impulses, desire, urges are all examples of internal constraints. Somebody that has a disorder like a kleptomaniac really cannot be held responsible for shoplifting. But yet we would blame a robber who carefully orchestrated the robbery of a bank while feeling no inner compulsion to carry out the plan. Similarly, we would blame a patients who throw destructive and disruptive temper tantrums while fully in control of their actions.

Uncontrollable circumstances are basically self expiatory. When, in our estimation, the circumstances of an act are beyond the person's control, we generally excuse the behavior. There are many circumstantial excuses that we readily accept as right. Illness, accidents, and unexpected duties are typical cases. For example you cannot blame a employee for being late due to traffic from a car accident. He or she couldn't control the traffic so there is no way he or she could be blamed.

Ordinarily, we excuse actions when we think that people lack either the ability or the opportunity to do the right act. if a man can't swim, we wouldn't blame him or her for not jumping into the pool to save a drowning child. Although we might blame him for not getting help or throwing something in for the child. Similarly, if the man could swim but failed to save the child because he saw her only when it was too late, he lacked the opportunity to save the child. Therefore we cannot hold him responsible. Excusably is something that has a very thin line between right and wrong. I do believe that there are many cases in life that you do not hold responsibility for.

Those are just mere examples of situations that happen in everyday life, that you have no control of. I feel a lot of people these days use excuses way to much in life. I will admit that excuses are very easy to come by in everyday life but the strong willed will prevail. I feel I am a very strong person mentally. if I wasn't I wouldn't be here writing this paper.