Irrational characters, tragic flaws, and irony; put these elements together and you get one of the most renown creators of literature comprising the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet shows audiences the consequences of preposterous personalities and misbehaving hormones. Romeo and Juliet's sudden awareness for one another sparks a tale of implausible adventures. Romeo's capricious attitude from a passion for Rosa line to an abrupt alteration to a love for Juliet makes you question if it's true love at first sight or a fervent attraction.

Possibly, these teenagers are completely ignorant to what love is. Also which should be considered is if what they consider love is clearly just an excitable pleasure. Comparing Romeo and Juliet to their foils, Lady and Lord Capulet, love can be perceived in many differences. To take that to another extreme, you can even look at the Nurse's distinction of love. Lord and Lady Capulet display no sign of affection on stage but instead mutual responsibilities. "Ay, you have been a mouse hunt in your / Time/ But I will watch you from such watching now" (IV, , 10-12).

After Lady Capulet says this to her husband, he replies to our bewilderment "A jealous hood, a jealous hood!" (IV, , 13). These statements, which were meant to humor each other, reveal that authentic love is intended as a barrier to the marriage because it would only cause turbulence. To add to that fact, Lord Capulet is known to be imperious and demanding for what he conceives, therefore, Lady Capulet would have no say to Lord Capulet's actions. Even if they did have some sort of love or lust for one another, it most likely wore off after Lord Capulets continues prowl hunt for other women. If you also recall their marriage was most likely arranged, meaning love to Capulet was a profit not a shared love exchange. This is not at all being understated, for they show a very unorthodox relationship.

An example would be when Lord Capulet orders Lady Capulet to his jobs for him, such as giving Juliet the news of Paris. Another example of this unequal couple is when Lord Capulet doesn't pay any attention to his wife when she is advancing to calm him down from his furious outrage with Juliet. Although this topic of marriage had never emerged between Romeo and Juliet, an expected lashing would be present only because of Romeo's last name. This proves that Juliet's parents haven't experienced true love for Romeo and Juliet would be accepted. Comparing these two to Romeo and Juliet's marriage, which is based purely on love, is completely unexceptional. The Nurse's opinion of love is deceptive especially when discussing the issue towards Juliet.

When Juliet had the idea of marrying Romeo the Nurse agreed to help with the ceremony of love by keeping the entire relationship in secret. The Nurse also displayed this act of acceptance by delivering the letter concerning the ceremony in Friar Lawrence's cell. However, she is misleading when Romeo had the punishment of banishment. Instead of assisting them in their battle of love she can't help but notice the merriment's of Paris. "An eagle, madam, / Hath not so green, so quick, so fair an eye / As Paris hath. / Beshrew my very heart / I think you are happy in this second match, / For it excels you first; or if it did not, / Your first is dead-or 'twelve as good he were / As living here and you no use of him" ( , v, 219-25) Not only does the Nurse say that Paris would be a fine match because he is physically attractive but she is also telling Juliet that her one true love is dead or as good as dead.

Once again you are put in the situation of love and profit. However you see love as, whether it is due to lust, profit, looks, or family acceptance, you can't help but notice the way these characters depicted love. If you look at the way the death was performed, not the tragedy, you " ll notice the scene. Just the way they lay together indicates how perfect they wanted their eternal rest to be. Lord and Lady Capulet's only daughter kills herself because of her passion for Romeo. This death may perplex this couple only because they have been bonded in forced marriage.

This destructive end may also make them realize that love is not based on the amounts of luxury one beholds but instead a gratifying devotion between two people..